What Astronauts Know that We Don’t

by September 27, 2013
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In the film The Overview Effect, 5 Astronauts are interviewed in this short film by Planetary Collective packed full of inspirational words that will change your perspective of our world forever. They talk about their experiences looking back at spaceship Earth from the outside in and fully realizing our interconnectedness as human beings on what they can tell from space is a fragile planet.

The message:  We’re in space already, it’s just that we haven’t brought that into our perspective yet. We’re stardust – a community. We need to take care of our planet together as one system because we are all part of this system. We’re all part of the overview effect, because the Ozone Layer – that little paper thin layer – is all that protects everything on earth from the harshness of space. We need to start acting as one species with one destiny. We’re not going to survive if we don’t.

Check out Planetary Collective’s next film, Continuum, that recently got funded on Kickstarter about out interconnectedness with each other, the planet and the universe.

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