Win a Custom T-Shirt From Revel in Chaos!

by September 25, 2013
filed under Style

shirtWe’re partnering with Cait Smerechinski of Revel in Chaos to bring you a rad opportunity to win a custom T-shirt, homemade by Cait herself! Because the T-shirts are bleached and dyed, no T-shirts are alike. And because Cait individually makes them, you have the chance to win a shirt that no one else has!Every item from Revel in Chaos is individually made. Because Cait bleaches the T-shirts by hand, every shirt is a little bit different, as well the colour reaction between the fabric and the dye. The winner will be able to choose from various styles, designs and sizes.The contest will be running from September 24 to October 1st, and the winner will be announced on October 1st. To enter, you must like Flurt! on Facebook and send us a short, 30 second video clip saying what you want to change in the world. This can be anything you’re passionate about! You could say, “I want cleaner oceans” or “I believe in equal pay for men and women.” The video clip can be taken with your phone, webcam or camera and must be emailed to us before September 29. Please email your video clip to

Good luck!

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