5 Best/Worst Lesbian Web Series

by October 9, 2013
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Spare time; we’ve all got it but not all of us know how to waste it. Wasting a whole hour is a skill; it’s too short to watch a film but too long to nurse a large gin and tonic (and more than one gin before noon is irresponsible). To save you time in wasting your time, I have lovingly trawled the internet to find the best/worst/some of both lesbian mini-series. No need to thank me. No, seriously…

DISCLAIMER: You’ll note that I haven’t said which are the best and worst. This is because everyone’s tastes are different and who am I to judge? I’ll judge you if you wear socks and sandals though, that shit’s bad.

EASY ABBY: Everyone loves a good introductory narration, and Abby has got this down. She’s also got down almost everyone’s knickers too; that’s the ‘easy’ bit solved. Abby has it all; a studio apartment, women falling at her feet, she looks good in black and owns a wardrobe full of vest tops. The episodes are short (between 5 – 12 minutes each) and you can crack the whole first series out in an hour. Overall, there are two things that make this series worth watching… 1) Abby’s friend Bobby *sigh* and 2) Abby looks slightly like Dana at times. Enough said. See all series 1 episodes here.

WE HAVE TO STOP NOW: A married therapist couple have written a book on how to have the perfect marriage. Now they’re in therapy. And wanting a divorce. Real life celesbian couple Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett expose the stresses and strains of Dyna and Kit, a relationship that’s staying together, not for the kids, but for their bestseller. Suzanne Westenhoefer is hilarious as their long-suffering therapist, who also wears an array of pastel coloured 2-piece power suits. There’s nothing not to like about this one. See clips, pictures and other hilarious things here.

THIS KISS: If you like Belgium, loud music and sprouts, that’s unfortunate because this has none of those. This Kiss is more Australia, guitar music and low-budget Neighbours. Lucy and Juliet both need a friend like they’ve never needed a friend before. What they really need is each other… but what they can’t have is each other. Sucks, right? I genuinely enjoyed this series over two cups of tea and a hobnob; I laughed, I cried, I was concerned that one of the characters decided to drive after a bottle of wine. You might think it’s slow but I think it’s endearing. Go on, give it a go you big softy. See part one here.

THE NEIGHBORS/ROOMIES: Very short shorts of neighbours hating their neighbours. It’s totally plausible; who among us hasn’t stood at a wall with a glass, listening to their neighbours have sex? Whose neighbours haven’t teased them with lingerie? And who amongst us hasn’t worn a jockstrap in the laundry room… the latter may apply only some. Roomies follows this series/7 minutes up. See some episodes here.

KISS HER I’M FAMOUS: Ladies, I present this NEW series for your entertainment. It’s fresh, it’s funny and it’s well made. Quirky, extrovert friend moves in with stressed out, recently dumped lesbian; what could possibly go wrong? That’s rhetorical, don’t reply. With both ladies out for revenge, they hatch a plan to get back at their ex’s in the only reasonable way possible… make a sex tape and get famous. See the whole series here.

These are just a snippet of what’s out there, but these make a good starting point. So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn, grab some wine and lock the door.


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