Strawberry Pineapple Smoothie

by October 10, 2013
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When I started making smoothies a month ago to better my health, I quickly became turned off from them being puke coloured, even with the numerous nutrients that came from kale and avocado. So I began making just fruit smoothies that looked prettier and that I would drink. I left the vegetables for eating at dinner and downed this pretty in pink concoction that includes just 4 simple ingredients, including coconut water with mango.

Sunripe Coco Water With Mango
Pineapple from the can
Ice cubes

Take the leaves off a few strawberries and toss them inside the blender. Cut open a can of pineapple and add a table spoon to the blender, putting the rest of the can in a closed container in the fridge for another day. Fill the base of the blender with the coconut water, throw in a few ice cubes and blend for about 30 seconds. Serves 1, maybe 2.

TIP: Make sure the blender is properly closed. Put your hand over the cover just to be safe.
Also, feel free to swap fruits such as banana for pineapple or add a tablespoon of yoghurt.

Let me know in the comments below how you prefer your variation of this recipe!

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