The Flirt Finger Review

by October 19, 2013
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995730_10151948869760406_1235456262_nBryn and Emily are a lesbian couple who review sex toys once a month from the Traveling Tickle Trunk. This month they’re reviewing The Flirt Finger Review.


Now although Emily loves me very dearly, I know I can be ridiculously high maintenance in bed. I need a vibe that gives me very strong pulsations consistently over a long period of time to even think about orgasm. We’ve only ever found one vibe that fits this bill, and sad to say it wasn’t the Flirt Finger. Although it is very compact and the rubber lends itself to fitting snugly to your finger (the worst thing with a vibe is when it slips out of your hand right before you get there — with the Finger this isn’t a danger) I found it rather lacking in the power department. The comparison that comes to mind is of a really nice car that looks like it handles well and works fantastic, but when you get in there and rev the engine, it just doesn’t get you to your destination.

Keep in mind that the Flirt Finger is a cheap toy and therefore will behave like a cheap toy. For 30 dollars it packs quite the wallop, and is a great choice for someone on a budget who doesn’t have such a demanding clit.

This month we decided to try something we hadn’t before. We wanted to check out some of the finger vibes — small vibrators that slip right onto your finger like a complicated ring. We decided to go with the Flirt Finger since it had the most comfortable fit and feel.

Although the Flirt Finger wasn’t my favourite toy, it has some pluses. It’s small, waterproof, silicone and relatively cheap at just $30 for a toy that packs a decent punch. It has a nice ribbed texture that delivers some nice sensation, and it also comes in another style (the purple bunny) for varied sensations.

The downsides are, of course that it has only one vibration speed and pattern. It’s also a bit on the noisy side and for some the fact that it sits right on your finger can be annoying since the vibrations can travel up into your hand. Another thing that might deter is the fact that it isn’t rechargeable. The batteries are difficult to replace since they are so small and it’s somewhat of a challenge to insert the new ones. The nice thing about this is that the bullet vibe inside the toy is easily removed and cleaned.

While I give this little toy props for providing more vibrating power than its size would suggest, it falls a little short in other ways. If you can live with the downsides and want a simple, small vibrator that is discreet and easy to carry around, consider one you can slip right onto your finger.

The Flirt Finger is available for $30 at the Traveling Tickle Trunk.

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