Is Wing Ma’am the Female Grindr?

by November 16, 2013
filed under Sex & Dating

Checking Her Cell Phone

“Finally, the mobile app for queer women, by queer women (and transfolks!) Take the guesswork out of being a modern day queer and let us do the work! Find your princess charming, meet new hiking buddies, double date with other like-minded couples…all within your city” (Wing Ma’am).

Wing Ma’am is a highly anticipated app for queer identified women due out later this month. I had the pleasure of discussing the app with founder Ariella Furman (CEO). Her team members include Dana Custer as Director of Operations and Laura Kingsbury as the Social Media Manager.

Q: What was your inspiration behind Wing Ma’am?

A: I moved to a new city [Pittsburgh] and found it difficult connecting with other queer women. The previous city I lived in had events and community happenings for queer women. One night I went with a friend and he showed me Grindr. Grindr is an app for gay men; it’s primarily used for hooking up. I searched and found no app for queer women existed. I have a background in tech and decided to develop one myself.

Q: When will the app be out?

A: The app will be out at the end of November.

Q: Will it work outside the US?

Yes, the app is anticipated to work outside the US.

Q: What makes Wing Ma’am unique?

A: The app is not only for dating but for creating your own events, community events and connecting with other queer women. Within the community it is difficult to break into groups or find a queer women’s community. This app makes it easier to connect and search users who have similar interests as your own.

Q: Does Wing Ma’ am cost anything to download?

A: The app is free to sign up and browse profiles. In the future an added cost may be added for special features on the app.

Q: Hopes for Wing Ma’ am?

A: Unify LGBTQ women. Within the community many labels and subgroups exist and it can make it difficult for outsiders to join or connect with queer women. This app is about connecting women from all sexualities, interests and gender identities. The app currently has over 15 options for filtering out activities. You will be able to search for athletics or arts depending on the subject that interests you. The app also has an option for queer women who identify as polyamorous, about 8% of our registered users identify as poly. It is another way to bring in queer women who are ostracized due to their poly status and connect them with fellow poly women.

As a queer woman myself, I am excited for the release of this app. The LGBTQ community has a lot of work ahead of us, as we continue to gain equality, but we often lack cohesion within our community. Biphoba and Transphobia are present within the community and we need to work together for each other. The poly option is great because it is including polyamorous options which are lacking on most dating sites; it is an inclusive app for all identities. I truly believe Wing Ma’am will be a great tool for bringing queer women from all backgrounds together. Even more importantly, bringing a more cohesive movement to the forefront of mainstream society, one that includes diverse women.

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