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by November 30, 2013
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Emily and Bryn are a lesbian couple who review sex toys from The Traveling Tickle Trunk every month. Hear what they had to say about the Lelo Ida:


LELO takes a step outside the box with their latest toy, the Ida. Although the toy is not waterproof like many of LELO’s other toys, it is 100% body-safe silicone and rechargeable – features shared by most of The Tickle Trunk’s toys. The unique feature of this toy is the rotating “tongue,” which continuously spins while the base vibrates. The toy comes with a remote that can change the intensity of the vibrations on the Ida.

In theory, this toy is a great idea. However, there are no additional settings for the rotator, and the pulse and vibration patters are limited compared to other Lelo toys. There are only a couple different pulse patterns, but the vibrations are suitably strong. This toy is meant to be used by couples, and in theory this should work just fine. But to be honest, the execution doesn’t go down as smoothly. The rotating part just gets in the way and makes everything feel awkward. All in all, the toy was great in conception but lacking in practicality. It’s hard to find everything you want in a single toy, but this one didn’t quite live up to its potential.


The LELO Ida is a fantastic concept. Having a hands-free toy able to rotate in circles inside you is a great idea. It takes a movement that isn’t usually mimicked by the industry and combines it with a variety of speeds for vibrations aimed along the clit. The Ida features another U-shaped design with a hub for vibrations on the front, and a skinnier part that can be inserted. This part moves in a scooping circular motion, not unlike what you would use while trying to scoop up the last of the cookie dough from the mixing bowl.

However, I didn’t really enjoy this toy as much as I thought I would. I looked at the design and thought such a revolutionary concept would feel amazing. It was rather lacking. The rotating was too small and localized to really be felt. I could tell it was moving, but it didn’t really feel good. I could simply just feel it there. Not unpleasant, but not mind-rocking blissful. What was unpleasant was the high-pitched squealing noise the rotating head made when it was activated. It sounded like we were strangling rats in our bedroom when we started it up, and to our knowledge, there was no way to turn only the rotating part off. The vibrating head wasn’t even as powerful as some of the other LELO products I’ve used. I also found it was necessary to hold it down, or else it would pop right out of me, and stop contacting the parts it was supposed to be stimulating.

The other problem I encountered was when I tried to use it with something else inserted as well. Part of the draw of the Ida is the idea that it can be used with other penetration; when we tried, I actually hurt my partner. The rotating part just takes up too much room for anything else to be in there at the same time. Too many cooks in that kitchen.

All in all it was a great concept, but the execution didn’t live up to potential. Definitely not our favorite.

You can order the LELO Ida and other great toys at The Traveling Tickle Trunk.

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