LELO Lily Review

by November 9, 2013
filed under Sex & Dating


Have you ever met Lily? She is LELO’s original pleasure device. Lily is one of the smallest personal vibrators I have ever encountered, featuring a unique bend that allows the device to cradle perfectly against the clitoral area.

A rechargeable vibe, Lily is very quiet – probably one of the quietest vibrators I have ever used and I even put it to the ‘early morning; everyone else in the house is sleeping’ test. The speeds and patterns are intense, and some of the most intense you will find on a device this small. The vibrations work themselves throughout the device, which is designed to fit a woman’s body very well. The curve allows it to stay in place almost perfectly, even when you take your hands away.

However, the Lily is not without some flaws. First, it’s not waterproof. It’s so small and really gets into where it needs to go that it requires a good cleaning afterwards; which would be much easier if it were waterproof. Second, the price tag is rather high. The closest thing in the LELO line is the Nea, which is a similar shape and size to the Lily, but about $50 less. The main difference between the two is the fact that the Lily has a comfortable, smooth outer coating, whereas the Nea is just plastic. Don’t get me wrong – it feels great, but I just don’t know if the coating alone is enough to justify the price.

If you are looking for intensity at a more affordable price, I would recommend the LELO Siri (which I have reviewed before). The vibrations are targeted, strong and the cost is much lower. It also has 4 control buttons, meaning when you go into pattern mode from the straight vibrations it is easy to continue to navigate around. The Lily only has 2 buttons so, once you are into the patterns you basically have to turn the device off and start again if you want to go back to full on vibrations. Also, depending on how the Lily is positioned, the control buttons might end up getting buried somewhere not as easy for your fingers to manipulate.

I love how Lily fits the curves and crevices of my intimate areas, and I love how quiet it is. I love the intensity. It would be so great if I could take it into the shower with me. Lily is small but powerful and really has a lot of things going for her. That bend in the design is what really sets this device apart from others – without that one crucial aspect of its design, Lily would be like a glorified bullet.

My suggestion to LELO would be to redesign the Lily so that it is waterproof and manufactured in a way to bring the price point down. I seriously like this little device and want to recommend it, but I fear it is out of the price range for many women looking for something along these lines.

The LELO Lily is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $165.00

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