The Best Thing Ever: Taylor Swift and Prince William Sing ‘Livin on a Prayer’

by November 27, 2013
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When Taylor Swift was invited to sing at the Winter Whites gala at Kensington Palace on Tuesday, no doubt it was one of the highlights of her life. The winter-wonderland-themed event was organized by Will and Kate (though sadly Kate wasn’t able to attend) to benefit Centrepoint, a charity that works with at-risk homeless youth.

Getting to meet the Duke of Cambridge would be overwhelming for any woman. You’d expect them to come off as reserved while trying to be on their best behaviour around the royal family. But when Taylor and Will were invited on stage to sing backup to Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a Prayer,’ the 23 year old took the stage like anyone’s who’s ever thrown their hands up in the air and belted out, “livin’ on a prayer!”

Totally into it, reserved went completely out the window. It was like watching her out with friends at kararoke night. You know, if Bon Jovi was the DJ and Will was the boyfriend she made come on stage with her. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ‘Livin on a Prayer’ artist, Will was looking awkward and pulling at his tie.

Watching the two sing back up together is kind of like watching the most epic/awkward musical performance ever. As Taylor dances and shouts the lyrics, Will rocks side by side and sings along to the melody. It’s everything that every 23 year old dreams of (except for maybe Prince Harry jumping on stage out of a cake and the two getting married there and running away together) and we’re glad we get to live vicariously through Taylor and this video.

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