Will You Be Participating in Decembeaver?

by November 1, 2013
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I like a bit of facial hair on my men. A bit of stubble is best, but mustaches definitely come in a close second. David Beckham, Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling were just some of the advocates of last year’s Movember who rocked facial hair for the whole month of November in aid of prostate and testicular cancer charities. In response to this, last December women all over the world took inspiration from Sarah Cooper’s Decembeaver video and decided to join in with the fundraising action. The premise behind this is that women would leave their pubic hair ‘au naturale’ throughout December. Is this something that gurls can embrace as a positive way of raising awareness, or is another pointless fad?

A great deal of attention has been directed toward the jovial nature of the Decembeaver video. Humor can serve as a great defense mechanism for many of life’s difficult topics, but in this case the Decembeaver gurls are in danger of crossing the line. Cancer is never a very nice topic to discuss and the Decembeaver video has been created by a group of comedians who try to make light of this horrible disease. Their intentions are in the right place, but they take it too far; almost to the extent of detracting from the poignant message behind the silliness. They may still be getting the message out there, but is that enough?

For the last 10 years men, have raised awareness for testicular and prostate cancer by growing out their facial hair throughout the month of November. Movember has been phenomenal in raising awareness and much needed funds for the necessary charities. In 2012 over 1.1 million people joined the movement, raising a staggering £9 million for cancer charities. There’s no doubt that we all need to create as much awareness for cancer charities as is humanly possible. The question is, however; do we get too caught up in the political correctness of these movements so that the real message gets convoluted?

For all of its flaws, Decembeaver does bring cancer charities to the forefront of people’s minds and this in turn brings in donations that wouldn’t have necessarily been donated before. The fact that nobody will know if a woman is participating is completely irrelevant. The movement simply gets people talking and coming together to create something positive. There is also the added bonus that it celebrates women’s bodies and, for once, shows that we should not conform to the stereotypical norm. After all, nobody likes going for a bikini wax! These beauty treatments can cost a lot of money that could be better spent in research labs or for much needed medical equipment. Although it would seem that Decembeaver would be more suited to raising awareness for ovarian or cervical cancer; it is admirable that women want to help raise money for cancers that predominately affect men. There are other ways they can help their Movember men, and Decembeaver seems to be missing a massive opportunity to encourage women to attend regular cervical screenings while this part of their anatomy is on their mind.

There’s no escaping the fact that some cancers are gender specific. Women suffer from ovarian cancer and men from testicular, but does it really matter if the people raising awareness for a certain type of cancer are of that gender?

The real issue is that the dreaded C word is a devastating disease and the world would be a much better place without it. We all need to pull together and to fight this dreadful disease in any way that we can, regardless of who we are and what type of cancer we are fighting. Cancer is cancer. It doesn’t discriminate, so why should we?

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