Can You Say ‘I Love You’ Too Soon?

by December 12, 2013
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I have officially been with my new girlfriend for 2 months and 2 weeks. We’ve not yet moved in together, although our periods have kinda synced and I’m now Cat Mum Number Two to her cute fluff ball of a cat (scratches are love, right?). As all new relationships go, there was trepidation of not knowing if the other felt the same way (she does), wanting to get to know each other in all the ways possible (we do) and meeting the friends and family. Thankfully, I’m the kind of lucky sod who’s awesome girlfriend also has an amazing group of friends, and her family even more so. As for my family, I think my dad likes her more than me.

Considering the title of this post, I should tell you that, yes, we have said, ‘I love you.’

It was about a month into the relationship when I blurted out the L-word after a bit of a drunken night out. Thank fuck she felt the same and said it back. It’s a bit awkward when the other woman just mumbles back some kind of incoherent version of ‘viruvyoodoo’ and you’re stuck knowing you said it first and the other is having issues with the creative ways to say ‘I love you’ without actually saying it.

I know, I know, what a couple of massive stereotypical lesbians this seemingly makes us. It’s truly surprising the U-Haul hasn’t been booked yet. They’re just 3 little words but they can have the power of an atomic bomb if someone feels it’s too soon or said in the wrong way. Or to a gurl who has a blank stare on her face after you said it, making you wish the ground would swallow you up. But in the long run, is there ever really a too soon? I believe there can only be a too late. And not just in terms of the L-word. We all have those times that we wished we spoke to that gurl in the club or bar or in the street but didn’t have the guts to. Lives that are tinged with the smallest of regrets or the ‘I wish I’d done mores.’

I’m so happy that my drunken honesty was blurted out, because I’ve found this super amazing woman who gets me without me having to tell her every little thing. She calms me down when I’m feeling stressed or anxious, and she tells me she’s proud of me basically every day (yeah she’s bloody awesome. And mine. Hands off).

Technically, we should be planning our Big Fat Lesbian Wedding ready for Channel 4 to make a documentary about, but we’re not quite at that stage yet(give it 6 months).

DattchReposted with permission from Dattch, a social dating app for lesbians. Written by Jackie.

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