EM Michelle Phan Party Life Palette Review

by December 27, 2013
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YouTube’s go-to-gurl on makeup, Michelle Phan, launched her new cosmetic line, EM Michelle Phan, this year, in conjunction with the L’Oreal Group which also owns Lancôme, Giorgio Armani and numerous other lines. As a makeup artist, I was excited to test her product. Michelle’s team was generous enough to send the Party Life Palette to one lucky winner of a contest Flurt did earlier this month, as well as to myself to review for all of you.

After listing the pros and cons of the Party Life Palette, I’m ready to share my findings with you. First off I would like state that I liked the palette overall, however it did come with a few drawbacks. I could see how the palette could be an affordable product for teens and post-secondary students, and that it’s perfect for the woman who is planning a night out with her friends or travelling light and doesn’t want to pack too much makeup – but would I pay $75 for the product? Let’s take a look.

A lot of time and effort has been put into organizing the packaging within the palette, and EM Cosmetics has already pre-selected eye shadows, lip colours and blushes that save time and space. There is even advice on how to apply the makeup that can be found within the packaging. The palette is positioned into 4 quadrats, each with its own fabulous look. Each unique colour selection in all 4 looks comes with 1 blush color, 2 lip glosses and 6 eye shadows. Most of the shadows are appropriately pigmented, which means they are the colour they appear to be and you should apply them as such. Some are opaque with excellent color payoff, while others are designed to be softer and sheer and others are sheer but buildable. This provides versatility in the range of looks that can be achieved.

The 4 looks in the 4 quadrants are titled Midnight Dance, Party in Pink, Birthday Surprise and Out on the Town. Each is removable, so you can mix up the palette setup, or you can use the travel palette the kit comes with. My favorite look is Birthday Surprise because I like everything about the colour selections and pigmentation. I could very well see myself using the Birthday Surprise on a fashion shoot. The copper, gold and browns are high versatile and adaptable. Depending on what style you’re going for, it should be noted that the lip colors are very sheer in Midnight Dance and Party in Pink, and flat in Birthday Surprise and Out of Town. The palette also contains 4 highly wearable blushes.

With that being said, would I pay $75 for the product? Given what is being offered by other brands in the cosmetic market, there’s nothing overly unique about the palette in general. But if you’re a frequent watcher of Michelle Phan’s YouTube channel, $75 might be worth the value given her online tutorials. The palette styling hits Michele’s age demographic, but not necessarily their income bracket. A person would need to like every colour in the palette for them to get their money’s worth.

I’m also not a fan of the open lip color concept – I personally like my lip colours separate from the rest of my makeup. Since the palette comes with eye shadows, blush and lip color, it means that all the different pigments are close to each other and bits of powder will fall from the brushes as you pick up the products, creating a mess in the lip colors.

I hope that my review was helpful in understanding the pros and cons of the Party Life Palette. If you have any questions feel free to contact me on my Facebook Page. Em Cosmetics isn’t available in Canada yet, but plans on offering products here sometime in the new year.

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