5 Reasons Every Gurl Should Visit Bali

by January 29, 2014
filed under Life

1. One Hell of a Display Picture

There’s nothing like publishing a display picture¬† that shows you having a blast at the Gitgit waterfall or the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. You’ll remember these memories for years to come and be known as that gurl who isn’t afraid to try new things.

2. So. Many. Animals

Dogs, lizards and monkeys are literally second to the human population in Bali, meaning there’s a fair chance on a two hour leisurely stroll you’ll come across twelve stray dogs, five lizards and thousands of monkeys. This trip is definitely for an animal lover.

3. Live Like a Princess

The westerners dollar is strong against the Balinese rupiah, and that means when you go to Bali you can not only splurge on gifts for others, but gifts for yourself and treat yourself like a princess. Reward yourself for graduating university, getting that internship or just because.

4. Sunsets are Never Identical

There’s always going to be that one sunset you remember than all the others, and Bali has so many beautiful views that offer unforgettable sunsets each and every time. Whether you’re meditating on a cliff or just watching them with family/friends, they’ll change your world view over and over.

5. Eat, Pray, Love

In Bali you’ll experience so many different things and meet so many different people that it’s impossible to not grow and draw up that self love you’ve been searching for all this time. Live your own Eat Pray Love story and take time to find yourself. You’re worth it.

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