Lily Wants to Beat Transphobia by Letting You Look Through Her Eyes

by January 30, 2014
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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if for a day you could change genders? What if that thought consumed you every day of your life? This is one of many struggles people in the transgender community deal with on a daily basis.

Through Her Eyes by Lily Padma Workman works to create understanding from outside the transgender community and narrates the life of one transgender woman shot from her point-of-view of daily living. From waking up to going out in public, she narrates her thoughts on the looks and comments from other people, along with struggling with her gender, identity and dysphoria. Lily, a male-to-female transgender, uses the power of film to show the audience what looks and comments she receives every day so the audience can understand the struggles she goes through.

The Kickstarter for Through Her Eyes is gaining funds to launch the film, as well as being used to educate the public on transphobia. According to statistics on the Kickstarter page, thirty-four percent of trans people attempt suicide, sixty-four percent of young trans people are bullied, seventy-three are harassed in public (ranging from insults to physical abuse) and twenty-one percent of trans people avoid going out in public due to fear.

While Through Her Eyes is shot in the UK, it’s a film that should be universally seen. It creates a personal view for the audience to help others understand what people of the transgender community go through every day. One powerful motto behind this film is, “through empathy, people understand. Through understanding, people accept. Through acceptance, people support.” Naturally as humans, we are judgmental towards aspects of life we don’t understand. Understanding the struggle that transgender men and women go through on a daily basis will create more advocacy for the transgender community.

Check out the Kickstarter for Through Her Eyes here.

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