3 Ways to Enjoy Sex without Waking Up Your Roommates

by February 26, 2014
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Chances are you’ve been in this situation: It’s late at night and you’re hanging out with your significant other. One thing leads to another and soon clothes are coming off. However, if you live in an apartment with ultra-thin walls, with roommates or simply in you’re in your parents’ house, this can get complicated fast. Creating background noise such as playing a movie or music helps to drown out the noise, but isn’t always practical late at night. To make matters worse, perhaps you’re one of those people who tend to moan, or better yet, scream. These settings can be a real mood killer when combined, but they don’t have to be. Here are three ways you can enjoy sex without waking up your roommates:

Discuss Safe Zones with Roommates

This probably won’t work if you live at home, but when it comes to roommates solving things can be as simple as communication. Discuss safe zones and places that are off-limits. Some roommates may be cool about putting a sheet on the couch, some might not. Maybe the shower is an option, maybe they want you to clean it out after or are completely against the idea. Communication can ensure you have mutual respect for privacy. If you’re sharing a room, communicate in advance and ask if you can have some time alone. But let’s face it – sometimes the mood isn’t anticipated. At least discussing safe zones ahead of time will make things easier.

Find the Right Location

Dorms can be a whole different playing field. Not all dorms have private showers, and if you’re a moaner it can easily echo and reach your Resident Assistant. On top of that, if you have a roommate you don’t necessarily talk to or who is more conservative things can get pretty awkward. One option is to have sex in a car, which provides more privacy than a populated dorm – but campus police might be patrolling the parking lot. You could take a trip to the Wal-Mart parking lot instead, but by the time you get there the mood might be gone. Perhaps you just have an obnoxiously tiny car to begin with. Don’t fret though, because there are still options!

Play the Quiet Game

One way to beat the thin wall problem is by blocking or drowning out the noise. Pillows make great sound barriers. If biting or holding the pillow close doesn’t cut it, try sex positions where your face can easily bury itself into the pillow or your mattress. Better yet, if your partner’s into biting, use them as your muffler. Making games out of sex could allow space for enjoyment on top of not disturbing your roommate, neighbors or parents. Remember playing the ‘quiet game’ as a kid? See who can be the quietest, and whoever slips first has to pay for the next date! Another hot way to approach this is through using bondage, such as tying a bandana around your mouth.

There are many fun ways to have sex while being quiet enough so you don’t disturb your roommates. Plus communicating options with them and your sexual partner beforehand can create a more comfortable environment for all parties involved.

Do you have any tips for being quiet during sex? Post in the comments below.

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