Four Ways to Get the Most out of Your Living Space

by February 24, 2014
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If you’re anything like me, you love crafting, and you find yourself repurposing anything you can to make your life a little easier. Well, the penalty for being a savvy crafter is that your home becomes a chaotic mess of unfinished projects, scrap material and piles of things that anyone else would call ‘junk.’ I’m here to congratulate you on making the effort to create new and useful projects – and how to become organized so you can get them done and actually use them.

Don’t fear – if you can keep thinking up ways to repurpose things, you can finish them. The trick is to do one thing at a time. If your project list keeps expanding and becomes overwhelming, just choose one and run with it. I have compiled four ways that you can get the most out of your living space by making it less crowded, and in turn, more comfortable.

1. Turn T-Shirts into Tote Bags

Gurls, I know every single one of you can say you’re not satisfied with your wardrobe. However large it is there’s always something missing. With that in mind, let’s agree there are many things that could be replaced or repurposed. One of the things that’s overflowing in my wardrobe is my T-shirt collection – ones I don’t wear anymore but just can’t bring myself to part with. You know the ones. Well, one of my favorite things to do with old T’s is to make tote bags out of them. It’s super easy and you don’t need a sewing machine! All you need to do is cut them into a size that works for you and make some simple handles by braiding scrap strips and attaching them. If you need more direction you can check out this video. For other simple and easy sewing projects, click here.

2. Jewelry Hangers That Opt as Artwork

When it comes down to choosing jewelry to wear in the morning, it can be a bit overwhelming to dig through a big pile while in a rush. A few tricks I have utilized to keep my sparkly baubles organized include using a basket (a metal one with mesh or openings), chicken wire in an old decorative frame and even short lengths of chain (purchased at any hardware store by the foot). Mounting these options to the wall not only allow you to display your accessories but also makes choosing them much quicker when you’re running late for that date, class or shift.

3. The Power of House Plants

I know some of you out there probably have no luck with growing plants, but I cannot fully explain the difference a few plants in your living space make. They can improve air quality, make the space more inviting and even give you something to talk to when you’re lonely. They don’t need to be expensive plants either. The beauty of buying little plants is that you get to watch them grow up and can be proud that you helped them do so. Some hearty plants that are easy to take care of are vines and succulents, such as ivies, cacti and Aloe Vera. When in doubt, succulents are a great choice because they don’t need much water or light. Many garden stores sell discounted plants when the seasons turn around, and if you like getting your hands dirty pick up a cheap planter and combine a few to make a mini garden. I love the idea of using jars of any kind to create a tiny garden that, with enough moisture, you can seal and not have to water again as it recycles the moisture in the jar on its own!

4. Baskets, Shoeboxes and Boxes Oh My!

To help keep things organized I cannot stress enough how awesome baskets, shoeboxes and other small boxes are. Baskets can be hung from towel bars in the bathroom to keep your hand towels and cloths out of your cupboard space and drawers. Shoeboxes are great for stashing charger cords, craft and sewing supplies, and they make a handy emergency kit for those times the power goes out. A simple emergency kit includes candles and matches, spare batteries, a bottle or two of water and medical supplies. As well, tiny boxes from things like jewelry, snacks and even handmade paper ones can be used to keep drawers tidy, especially useful with hair supplies.

Remember gurls: The trick to getting the most out of your living space is to find what you can spare and then make a plan to work with it to make the space more livable. An organized home is always more comfortable.

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