Street Style: Courtney Winters

by March 4, 2014
filed under Style

Courtney Street Style Feb

“I wear whatever I feel looks good and feels good. I don’t let others opinions change what I wear”

Courtney is currently a Personal Banking Specialist in Edmonton, Canada that spends her free time enjoying all aspects of life, including eating good food while in the good company of others. Her loud spring outfit oozes self-confidence and above all, comfort. To Courtney, style can be found in all places, not just designer or department stores. Trading in her jeans and sweaters for shorts and jacketless looks are what Courtney most admires about spring style, as well as knowing that summer is just around the corner (hello maxi dresses and bathing suits!).

Scarf: Big Knit Scarf $10 Urban Outfitters
Top: Black Pink Floyd top (lace back) $20-$30 Urban Behaviour
Sweater: Beige Long Shawl Sweater $20-$30 Urban Behaviour
Pants: Hot Pink Skinny Jeans $20-$30 Urban Behaviour
Belt: LV Belt $40 Flea Market
Shoes: Buckle Boots approx. $200 Steve Madden

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