Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Beautiful Brows

by March 26, 2014
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When I first visited Bombay Brow Bar, my eyebrows were patchy, overgrown and in desperate need of assistance. Since first popping into the Indian style brow bar to ask about their services, I was told to let my then over plucked brows grow out for a few weeks before returning. I had decided because I have the nervous habit of pulling at my eyebrows, which makes them slowly disappear along with my confidence, that I needed to put them in someone else’s hands. It’s been years since I’ve felt good about going outside without penciling in my eyebrows, but now I can enthusiastically say that they’re the best brows I’ve ever had.

Flurt caught up with co-founder Ravy Mehroke to talk to her about starting BBB, and the advice she has for other female entrepreneurs who are in the business of making other women feel good.

Q: Tell me a little about the founding of BBB – what inspired you to take the plunge?
A: Amy and I had dreamed of starting our own beauty business when we were young, so the founding of BBB felt literally like a dream come true! It definitely was the right opportunity at the right time. We are both life-long seekers of beauty and empowering women through beauty; inside and out.

Q: Were there any challenges starting off that seemed to be specific to you as a female entrepreneur?
A: Thankfully in Vancouver there is a lot of amazing support for entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs through organizations such as FWE, CYBFF, Women’s Enterprise and Small Business BC. In the initial business planning stages, I was able to connect with an amazing mentor that really provided me with key insights, guidance and support to make some really sound decisions.

Q: Did you have an easy time getting people excited about BBB? Did you find support in your community?
A: I remember the day before we opened-I sat on the floor and sobbed. I was so scared and thought no one would even care. Bombay was our dream and we really want to change the way beauty was perceived – but who would believe us? Would people be willing to support us? And then we opened, and people came and believed in us! It was like magic and I will never forget that.
I believe that when we first opened, BBB was a new, cool and innovative concept that people were super excited to check out. Since then, we’ve been supported by our community and I’m always so honored and thrilled that our guests continue to come back. It really means a lot to us!

MYG_2264Q: I see you’re working in partnership with your sister. Are there any unique challenges that go along with working with family? Unique benefits?
A: I love working with Amy! We have complementary strengths so we work really well together. When it comes to Bombay, we really understand our brand, goals and vision for the business so we can stay focused on achieving what we dreamed of.

Q: What has been the most rewarding aspect so far, for you?
A: Everything! But I truly love making our guests feel beautiful and special because they are special and totally deserve it! I also really love working with my amazing team to achieve our goals, the growth and always focusing on making our customers feel special and beautiful.

Q: And the most challenging?
A: I think the most challenging for any business is finding the right people for your team. Your business will flourish if you are able to recruit and retain the people that fit your culture and have the right skills.

Q: Give me a profile of your average client. How old is she? Is she a student, professional, SAHM? How do you hope that one of your services will change her outlook?
A: Our average client is a busy, beauty conscious professional woman aged 25-45 years old who always likes to look her best. Our products and services are designed to provide her with a luxurious and pampering experience and perfectly sculpted brows every time.

Q: Where would you like BBB to be in a year? How about in five years?
A: In one year, we would like continue to extend our products and services in possibly a new location in the lower mainland. Over the next five years, we would like to open more locations.

Q: The company mission is ambitious – to inspire humanity by spreading love through beauty. Can you expand on this?
A: At Bombay, we’ve really embraced our purpose and raison d’etre – we wanted to be a business with a soul. At Bombay, we care about our people, our guests and our communities and stand for a positive change-spreading love. By embracing our roots and delivering products and services with love for each and every guest, our goals is to inspire humanity. At Bombay, we aspire to be an iconic brand that will change the way people think about beauty.

When asked if she had any lasting words for young women who are interested in starting their own businesses, Ravy says to simply go for it!

In less than twenty minutes I found myself with a new set of beautiful brows for only $24. I also walked out of my appointment with brow powder (it turns out pencils are outdated), a brush and the skills to apply it, as well as a complimentary brow massage before they fill them in with powder. On top of that I also had my upper lip done for $10. But most importantly I walked out with a confidence that I didn’t come in with.

If you’re wondering about pain, here’s the deal: While it’s a little uncomfortable the first time around getting used to the thread pulling out your unwanted hairs, it’s a lot less painful than plucking every few days, takes a lot less time and lasts a few weeks. And the brow massage afterwards more than makes up for it.

I can’t get over how much better I feel having full, shaped brows and am planing on making BBB a regular beauty ritual. To get your brows done, book an appointment or simply walk in. For more information on Bombay Beauty Bar, click here.

Ravy and Amy have offered to give one lucky reader and her friend a complimentary bombshell brow service for two at a value of $48 plus tax. To enter to win you must live in the Vancouver area and tell us why you’d love a bombshell brow service! Contest closes April 30, 2014.

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