Bill and Desiree Love is Timeless DVD Review

by April 12, 2014
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loveistimeless-coverLove has no age, and Bill and Desiree are the living embodiments of this adage. At the time this “pornumentary” was filmed, Bill was in his mid-60s and Desiree was around 50. They had already been together for a few years and their love is extremely evident from the first time they appear in front of the camera, talking about how they met and got together. It was a chance meeting where they clicked, so it did not take long for things to progress, and the two of them were lovers.

Love is Timeless is part of an award-winning series from Comstock Films that features real life couples talking about how they got together, things that make them tick sexually, and then an extended love scene. I became interested in seeing Bill and Desiree’s story through another Comstock film I watched. After all, finding love later in life, for a woman, is often heralded as something rare and unusual.

I was immediately struck with Desiree’s beauty and confidence. Although she’s still quite a bit younger than Bill, they’re definitely equals. Bill is an attractive older man who is articulate, intelligent, and incredibly interested in sex. He even wrote a volume of erotic poetry for Desiree, and shares one of them on camera. Another common thought about sex is that when it comes to men, the blood cools with age. Not so in this case.

The love scene is shot with soft lighting and goes from fully clothes start to intense orgasmic end. Except I have a feeling that things didn’t really end when the cameras were turned off. The couple is very playful, talking and laughing and joking between themselves, sometimes not audibly (at least to my ears). Younger viewers can take comfort in the fact that sex can be very fun and hot even later on in life.

Being the kind of person that I am, I became so intrigued with Bill and Desiree that I decided to do some research. There are a few things that are not discussed on the DVD, that I actually with was longer. Bill is actually married. His wife is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, and he’s a caregiver to her. Now that kind of devotion in itself is sexy as all get out. The relationship between Bill and Desiree was cultivated with full knowledge of everyone involved and the couple is still together. I wish the DVD was longer so that I could have gotten to know these people even better, because I really like them. They’re so friendly and open, and I get the impression that if they were in my life personally I could talk to them about topics of a sexual nature without being judged.

What also makes it meaningful is how the sex is captured in such a real way. There’s laughter, giggling, moments when one or the other seem embarassed, other times when they are totally uninhibited, and frankly, I find this way more hot than contrived scenes by porn “actors.”

First released in 2008, this DVD was out of print for a while, then came back thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Consider this a learning experience about what the future can look like (if you’re straight and CIS-gendered). In fact, consider it a lesson in sexual education in general. Even Desiree makes a statement about the importance of watching and learning as a reason why they chose to share their intimacy with an audience. And another point that the couple make is that this isn’t just about sex itself. Bill and Desiree prove that love really is timeless.

Available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $39. Rentals also available.

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