Risque Tulip Review

by April 26, 2014
filed under Sex & Dating

risque tulipWhen is a tulip not a tulip? When it’s a Risque Tulip!

Created by California Exotic Novelties, this toy is labeled as a massager. The length of 5.75” makes maneuvering it very easy, as well as applying different amounts of pressure.

There are ten functions of vibrations and pulses which escalate. It operates on three triple A batteries and turns off after holding the power button for three sections. The Tulip has a memory chip that resumes where you last left off function-wise.

The long “stem” and bulbous tip makes the item resemble something that you would think could be used inside the vagina as a dildo, or even as an introduction to anal play. However, there is a warning on the bottom of the package advising that the product isn’t for internal use.

The Tulip is made of a hard plastic with a silky outer coat that is easy to clean with soap and water. It’s also waterproof, which means you can use this in the shower for all over massage goodness. It comes in three colours and operates very quietly.

I found the quietness of the device to be a definite positive, as well as the power of the speeds. It certainly is not the most powerful device I have ever used, but it works well for the shape and size of it. The variety of speeds and pulses is great, and quite arousing.

However, because of its packaging touting the device as a “novelty” not intended for internal use, I’m having trouble taking it seriously as a sex toy. Now, I personally prefer external toys, but please: it’s long, lean and the tip of the toy resembles a (long and slender) penis enough to make anyone think this goes in the love holes. If it is intended for external use only, it doesn’t need to be so long – unless you’re trying to get at some of those hard to reach areas behind your shoulder, or you are working your massage magic on another person.

For sure, the packaging is cheesy – it sort of reminds me of something one could find at the back of those now-defunct mall novelty stores in between the edible underwear and the fuzzy handcuffs. Once it is out of the packaging, however, it takes on its own identity. The fact that it takes regular batteries is a plus. It’s lightweight, but doesn’t have a carrying case, but is still small enough to fit into most purses.

At the very low price point that the Tulip sells for, I can see this being an introductory sort of low-impact erotic massager wand sort of thing. It is certainly has a cool look and is easy to operate.

The Risque Tulip is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $29.

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