Your Pleasure Map: A Woman’s Guide to Hotter Sex

by June 21, 2014
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Your Pleasure Map - coverEver have a question about how to have a hotter time in bed, or different ways to find pleasure? Now, there’s a how-to book that’s fun, sexy, open and answers many questions about different aspects of women’s sexuality.

One of the first things author, sexologist and sex educator Shanna Katz discusses in Your Pleasure Map, is her dislike of the term “naughty.” Despite it being present in the subtitle of the book, Shanna explains that satisfying sex should not be considered the domain of “bad girls” who were once “good” but had to change in order to enjoy their sex lives.

That being said, her introduction immediately sets the tone of the book. She is open, friendly and approachable. Your Pleasure Map is both a self-held guide and user manual of a woman’s own body. Shanna’s topics include everything from romantic dating to safer sex aimed at women, using language that is universal regardless of one’s sexual orientation or level of experience. The book is very educational, focuses on pleasure, and has a very conversational, casual style that draws the reader right in.

Shanna is matter of fact in her approach of topics, without getting too technical. She not only discusses the “how tos” of certain things like bondage, female ejaculation and using toys, but also ways to bring up sensitive topics with your partner(s), and different levels of exploration for the various activities she discusses. One does not have to indulge in something kinky in an all or nothing fashion, but rather find the right comfort level. Not everything is for everybody, and the book emphasizes respect for yourself and your partner. Women who are not very sexually experienced will especially learn a lot from Shanna, and those who are experienced will find new ways to express themselves sexually.

I would recommend that women who read this book also offer it to their partner, regardless of their gender. It might help with communication surrounding sexual matters and open up the door to trying more adventurous and kinky things in the bedroom. The analogy of our bodies being “pleasure maps” is wonderful, and Shanna helps us navigate the way around and through towards the destination of orgasmic bliss.

The book can be read from cover to cover, or you can pick a section that intrigues you and start there. It’s not a very long book, and could be read through in a matter of hours. However, you may want to read certain sections over and over – there are many questions to answer and as your circumstances change, so may the sections upon which you wish to focus.

Shanna is a highly educated woman, but the language is readable and certainly not academic at all. It is also very tasteful, not vulgar in the least. She is a queen of tact, offering creative ways to find out what your partner is into or how to tell them what you want – and then how to go about getting it or giving it. It is a workbook and sex manual, but also a very enjoyable read, and certainly something to keep coming back to over and over again.

Your Pleasure Map is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $18.

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