10 Things that Happen When You Move Home for the Summer

by July 17, 2014
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A college education is more than thesis papers and group projects. Students learn the glory of independence and cherish the beauty of a full refrigerator when their parents summon them home for the summer months. There are many unavoidable positives and negatives that come with returning to the nest, and on my fourth trip home I noticed that there are some situations and events that have happened every single time.

1. Shower Hour
I believe in the sand between my toes… and bathroom tiles beneath my feet. Being able to shower without flip-flops is unexpectedly liberating, though the shower pressure is something that takes some time to get used to. Also, it feels wonderful to be able to bathe freely without cowering in fear that the shower curtain might touch you.

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2. Household Responsibilities
How to piss Mom off, step one: Dirty dishes. College definitely made the heart grow fonder for the family. That love can be put to the test when you’re forced to live under the same roof as your parents, who despite your long-time adult legality, still technically make the rules. Curfews, chores and errands are here to stay and continue to spark fights around the house. Life was so much more peaceful without parents. And just when you thought the sibling rivalry was over, your sister left her tracks uncovered when she kept your closet door open again. And just like that it’s your turn to do the dishes.

3. One Night Stands (or lack thereof)
The ladies of Saturday Night Live pretty much hit the nail on the head in their short ‘(Do It On My) Twin Bed,’ which is about what happens when you bring your significant other home for the holidays. Summer vacation really is no different. Who wants to quietly shuttle a potential partner to and from their childhood bedroom, only to muffle noises and fuck in paranoia? Knowing that your parents do it is gross, but knowing that they know that you did it last night can be pretty fucking mortifying too.

4. Seeing People You Don’t Want to See
There’s nothing worse than running into a high school ex at a house party or making awkward eye contact with a former frienemy at the adjacent gas pump. But like Fabolous said, “ain’t gonna worry about the past coz that was yesterday.”

5. Seeing People You’ve Been Meaning to See
As annoying as it is to hear the O-M-G’s and watch as hugs turn into WWE body slams, we’ve all been there. Unexpected reunions are the best ever.

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6. A kitchen Full of Free Food
Fact: There is nothing better than all access to a fully stocked refrigerator. By the end of the semester everyone’s meal card money is dwindling and the thought of stale cafeteria fries is just, yuck. So coming home to healthy, home-cooked meals is a little slice of heaven.

7. Missing Your Roommate
Common misconception: Sharing a room with a sibling is not the same thing as having a roommate. And for those of us who have our own rooms, we can all agree that after the first night of a sound sleep, loneliness begins to set in. Regular bed time chats and a second wardrobe are two things to never be taken for granted.

8. Having to Keep the Noise Level to a Minimum
Don’t wake the neighbours, don’t wake the dog, turn down your music, cell phones off at the dinner table…the list goes on and on. Entering the house after a night at the local bar is one of the most difficult tasks to carry out, and forget about having friends over past midnight.

9. The Search for a Summer Job
Since many universities and majors require an internship, many students choose to make that happen in the summer, though office work really takes away from the whole point of summer – which is lying naked in the sun and sleeping in until noon. So, it looks like the battle of being adult wages on. Does being a camp counsellor ever get old? Um… nope!

10. SO Much TV
There comes a time when students realize that they really don’t have any assignments due. What better way to fill up the hours than in front of the television? Or as my parents like to call it, a junk box. Between Hulu, Netflix, On-Demand and the standard basic cable, there are so many programs that beg to be caught up on. Except for the fact that there are an overwhelming amount of new remotes in the TV room that nobody knows how to use. And of course, the pillage of family DVDs is just begging to be torn through. Hello, The Parent Trap, I have missed you so.

What’s your favourite part of moving back home for the summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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