8 Bad Habits You Need to Kick to the Curb

by July 8, 2014
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Do you have a bad habit you wish you didn’t? Maybe you don’t even know you have one, and it’s unknowingly taking its toll on your quality of life. Habits grow on you so that by the time you notice you have them they’ve already done damage to your health. Not only can they affect your motivation, but they can affect your success in life. If you have goals to get somewhere, here are eight habits you need to watch out for.

1. Chewing gum constantly
I see you serial gum chewers. For some it’s an oral fixation, others a method to stomp out a smoking addiction. Constantly chomping on that minty, little edible has been known to cause Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ). When you overwork a muscle it can cause cramping, which is exactly what could happen in your jaw. This causes you to clench your teeth harder in your sleep or even during the day, which often leads to crazy amounts of pain. Chewing gum can also lead to dental erosion despite the sugar free sell point. So chew in moderation, just don’t be that pack-a-day gurl.

2. Asking the internet for advice
At one point or another we’ve all Googled symptoms of an illness or typed the words, “does he like me?” into our search bars. What we were provided with was a long list of life-threatening illnesses that only increased our anxiety levels and bad advice from strangers who don’t know the difference between ‘there,’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re.’ While it’s super easy to pour all of our questions into cyberspace thanks to our collection of mobile devices and our friends who tell us to “just Google it,” there are way more legitimate sources out there. Sources that could produce a more custom answer so we’re not sitting here plucking flower pedals over relationship troubles or headed to the drug store in search of a new ointment for impetigo.

3. Checking your phone in bed
We’re all guilty of it. The wake up, turn over, scroll, pass out. That bright light isn’t heaven; it’s just your phone screen. Whether your friends are bombarding you with a slew of texts in a group, or The New York Times’ automatic news alerts are going off, it can wait. Rest your body and your mind so that your brain will be able to focus during the day.

4. Making judgements towards others
It’s natural to make observations about other people, but sticking to your initial up-and-down of another person may cause you to lose out on what could otherwise be an awesome relationship. Being mature means being able to put the kibosh on sophomoric tendencies, such as only being friends with the pretty people or only talking to the football players. If you want to grow as a person then it’s important to be able to have an open mind as to what others can offer and what you can give back to them. The intangibles are more important than a spur of the moment observation. Isn’t it way cooler?

5. Throwing all your trash in the same bin
It’s just too convenient, I know. But nothing irks me more than when a perfectly good water bottle gets chucked into the bin, especially when there’s a bright blue bucket right next to it. The same goes for sheets of paper. You don’t have to go around hugging trees and advocating to save the whales, but a little bit of conscientiousness stretches pretty far. It’s sort of like karma, but for your stuff: The plastic that goes around comes around.

6. Being hard on yourself
You are your harshest critic. We gurls must learn to stop calling ourselves ugly and fat among other mean names. Those voices in our minds are ever-present and they will do a serious job on our self-esteem if we don’t learn to be stop this habit. We’ve all likely been told to look at reflections in the mirror and say ‘I love you,’ and pay ourselves genuine compliments. Stop rolling your eyes because honestly, right from the horse’s mouth, it really works. I’ve been there. I’ve hit rock bottom and you may have too. It’s much easier to belay on when you’re your own biggest fan, complete with a foam-finger and megaphone. When you catch yourself bullying your own body, ask yourself this: ‘Would I say those things to another person?’ If the answer is ‘hell no,’ then don’t you dare say them about yourself. Love thy neighbor as thy love thyself… but love thyself more!

7. Spending carelessly instead of budgeting
So you got that fat paycheck that you’ve been waiting for all week, put it directly into your savings account and only put a little bit into your checking. You take out $40 just in case. An iced coffee here, a sale on clothes there, that’s a pretty colour for your nails… before you know it you’re dipping into your savings for the third time. Of course you can treat yourself, but must you treat yourself at every opportunity? Mindless spending can be just as bad as dropping wads immediately. Try to be more conscious of your spending habits by writing down what you can spend and subtracting from that every time you’re going to buy something. This way you can save for that killer pair of shoes for your new job that’ll get your a promotion in no time.

8. Not spending enough time with those you care about
Life gets busy, and no matter how busy you are remember what it’s like to be on the receiving end. I become furious when my friends return my phone calls with a text, or blow me off too many times in a row for their boyfriends. Though it’s harmless, if it continues to happen I won’t be there for them much longer. We often make the mistake of believing that those closest to us will be there no matter what, and to some degree yes, but if I’ve found that if there’s a reason to walk away, some will. Last week I found myself thinking that I missed my best friend, someone who I’ve made one too many friendship bracelets with and cried over one too many boyfriends with. I sent her a goodnight text to let her know that I cared. My biggest fear is having my best friend turn into a memory. Show love to those you care about and they’ll be kind to you along your road to success.

Remember, the key to success is staying on top of your quality of life and kicking bad habits that damage your motivation towards achieving your dreams. If you have any of the habits above, kick them to the curb immediately to become the person you want to be.

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