Jessica Drake on Plus Size Sex & Your Chance to Win!

by July 15, 2014
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Jessica Drake has been bringing sexy education to women, men and couples around the world for almost a decade. In her early career, Drake found that there was a lack of education mixed with candid interview and experience in the adult entertainment industry – an industry through which many of us got our first glimpses of ‘real sex’.

Recently, Jessica Drake teamed up with Kelly Shibari to write, direct and produce Wicked Picture’s first Plus Size-focused educational sex video, The Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size.

We chatted with Jessica Drake on Wicked Pictures, her passion for sex education and the process her and Kelly Shibari went through to bring us the important piece of work that is the sensual, sexy and real Guide to Wicked Sex: Plus Size.

Flurt:  Tell us a bit about the Ultimate Guide Series and how that came to be.

JD:       My guide to wicked sex series came about because I noticed a shift in demographic of people who were coming to see us at store signings and appearances. We had more couples and women and they were seeking out sex advice. I love talking to fans so I would talk with them and I realized they really didn’t have great resources, sexually speaking. One of the most pivotal moments was when a couple thought something was wrong with the woman because she couldn’t have spontaneous anal sex like we do in the movies – we know this isn’t realistic. So I wanted to develop a resource for people to be able to learn and enjoy sex more. The entire line of guides but especially this one, they are meant to be informative and eye opening via the candid interviews, but at the same time I try to shoot my sex in a more genuine fashion and put performers together with people they really want to work with. The sex scenes in this video are really great and I think people are going to watch them and appreciate them for what they are: just beautiful, comfortable people having sex.

Flurt:  What inspired you to work with Kelly on this recent Plus Size specialty DVD?

JD:       I knew that I wanted to add plus size to the line and I was familiar with Kelly and her enthusiasm as a performer and an educator. She also has a lot of resources and she knows the plus size community and I don’t. I thought she’d be a great person to team up with and we talked about the project for a year before it happened. We had the same mind set on producing a DVD on education.

Flurt:  What was the process like – as someone who is not plus-size, did you learn anything new about your body or about sex?

JD:       I was initially a bit concerned about appearing in the narration at all for the project. [I thought] being on the set and not being plus size would be awkward for me or the performers; [Instead,] it was very eye opening and wasn’t awkward at all. Some of my favourite parts of the line in general are the very candid interview. During these interviews I told the participants about my own experiences with body confidence, getting picked on, and that I used to get picked on in school because I was too skinny, so I related so much to what this plus size performers were saying when they talked about being picked on and bullied and even put down by partners. I realized we are all in the same boat; We all have our own insecurities; We all have things about ourselves that we don’t like; Everyone has their own securities.

Flurt: We asked Kelly what she thought has influenced the move of plus-size and larger bodies into mainstream acceptance – do you have any thoughts on this?

JD: From my personal standpoint I have noticed a bigger acceptance of different bodies. And a lot of celebrities have come forward and stood against photoshop. I don’t want to say it’s a trend but it seems like we’ve seen the pendulum swing back towards ‘real’ – and I don’t want to say that I’m not a real woman because my boobs are fake but we are seeing an acceptance of beauty in a variety of people. I hesitate to use the word trend but it seems like its definitely being embraced.I think people are talking more about their body, their bodily concerns, their insecurities. I have been able to find beauty in every one I have ever worked with.

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