K & A: An Interview with Series Creator Katie Shannon

by July 24, 2014
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K & A is a hilarious, down-to-earth series based off the adventures of two best friends – one gay, one straight. The series is based and shot in Boston. Flurt’s Amanda Shea had the pleasure of doing a Q&A with Katie Shannon, the creator, writer and director. K & A stars Audrey Johnson as Karly and Ashley Elmi as Alex.

Q: What inspired you to write this series?
A: I actually wrote the series for a contest I didn’t end up winning. Inspiration from the series comes from my friendship with my best friend. Not everything that happens in the series is directly from our friendship, but there are moments where it resembles it. I also wanted to develop a series in which the leads were women.

Q: What does your friend think of the series?
A: She loves it and is supportive of the series!

Q: Women as lead characters is missing in mainstream media, is this one of the reasons you choose to write a series with two female leads?
A: Yes, and one of my favorite shows is Sex in the City because the show has a female lead, and it’s about the friendship between four women. Something that’s often missing in media [is a] good portrayal of female friendships.

Q: Women’s representation is missing from mainstream media in so many ways! It is something we’re passionate about here at Flurt. Do you feel developing a web series allows you to stay true to your vision of women’s representation?
A: Yes, when you develop a web series you have control of the vision and writing the series as well. You don’t have other influences as you would on mainstream shows; it allows me to stay true to my characters and vision.

Q: Karly and Alex seem to have amazing chemistry on film, how was it working with them?
A: They are really great actors, and they instantly bonded working on the series. The rest of the cast and crew were amazing to work with as well!

Q: What inspired you to want to direct a web series? Is your background originally in media?
A: As an undergrad, I studied communications and took a media class that peaked my interest in media. After college, I went to Emerson for graduate school and studied media studies.

Q: Boston is home to the series. Why Boston?
A: Boston is a great city, and it’s home for me. I couldn’t imagine shooting the series anywhere else. The people in Boston have pride for their city; they are real. The shoot locations have been very accommodating.

Q: Are you working on other projects besides K & A?
A: Yes, since 2012 I have been working on a documentary about the Stonehill women’s lacrosse team entitled 113 Days. It’s much different working on a documentary than a web series; it takes much longer, and we had our final cut in March of this year.

Q: Do you have plans for a second season?
A: I would love to do a second season, but we have to raise funds for it to happen.

K & A is a refreshingly funny series about a charismatic friendship between Karly and Alex. Watch the full season here.

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