The Best Party of World Pride: CREAM with Carole Pope and Peaches

by July 4, 2014
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The lights dimmed and the rock goddess Carole Pope took to the stage. Lesbians young and old went wild – the songstress had gotten all of us through many dark, questioning and vulnerable times. Now, she was taking us for a wild ride at the unofficially official Dyke Day after party.

It was last Saturday night, June the 28th, and Flurt was invited to the Carole Pope and Peaches World Pride set at Wrongbar in Toronto. In other words, we were honorary power lesbians for the evening.

Organized by CORE Realty Group in Toronto, Carole Pope and Peaches’ CREAM was not only the party of World Pride week, but the party OF THE YEAR. Doubling as a promo and fundraiser for the rock-documentary Rough Trade, Pope’s sexy growl reminded us why we are women, why we are wild and why the song “about eating pussy” goes through our minds whenever we are getting down to business in V-Jay land. Her rendition of High School Confidential set the sea of queers on fire, begging for an encore to which Pope gladly adhered.

Amongst the crowd of party-goers, trans rockers, 80’s throwbacks, dykes, femmes and gay boys sweated the night away, singing along to the Anti Diva’s wild woman of the woods melodies.

The super sexy shake-down took over with Peaches took the stage, reeling from the tech difficulties she faced at the Pride main stage at the unbelievably jam-packed celebrations in downtown Toronto. In typical Peaches fashion, she warned the crowd she had just come from hell. “Never go there,” she told us.

Flurt got busy shaking our asses and making out just like Peaches told us to, compelled by the soundtrack that doubles as the most killer DJ set we’ve seen all year. Her platinum blonde hair shined in the multi-coloured lightshow as she showered a wanting and salivating audience with champagne. By 3AM, our thighs quivered both with fatigue and anticipation as the crowd was half-naked and had morphed into one breathing, sweating queer entity.

We are keeping our eyes peeled for the next CORE Realty organized shin-dig, as these Realty queens are in the running for the crown of Most-Wicked-And-Sweat-Inducing-Party-Makers-Ever. ‘Til then.

All photography by GOLDIE ice COLD.





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