3 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

by August 28, 2014
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As a recent grad who lived the university life for the past 4 years, going home at the end of class to a beautiful bedroom that I called my own was something that helped brighten my day. As a student I understood the stress and pressure one can feel while studying, especially related to financial concerns and trying to earn a steady income while being in school.

Therefore, I’ve come up with 3 ways to unleash your inner creativity in your place of solitude:

1) This one is for all the music lovers out there. You can still incorporate music culture and the golden era of music to your bedroom. It’s simple: All you need to do is head on down to your local thrift shop with a couple of dollars and pick up a few vinyl records! Find some coloured ones, or singles that are your favourite songs. They look absolutely fabulous mounted on the wall in a row, or you could get creative and make some zigzag patterns.

If music isn’t your thing, it may be books!

2) One of my favourite things to do is to reminisce on the memories of my past. I recently found a pile of Disney story books from when I was a child. My mum wanted to throw them out but I couldn’t depart from them. I decided to unbind the books and use every single page as wallpaper to cover my bedroom wall. Think about all those books you will give a second chance of life to. Think about how great you will feel waking up to the stories of your favourite childhood heroes! It will give you a brighter outlook and start to your day.

If you’re not into books, how about graffiti? I think we should call it art.

3) Use the walls of your bedroom as a canvas! All you need is some paint. Old left-over paint or spray paint will do the trick. This is another chance to unleash your creative side. Let loose on your walls and go crazy. Of course if you’re going to get expelled during your creative pursuits then I don’t advise this, but if it helps you relax and study in your haven then go ahead. I’ve done this to my own bedroom wall and it really helped. Alternatively if you don’t want to destroy your room with paint you can just place white paper on the walls and spray paint over the top of it. It still allows the same outcome.

Let us know in the comments if you decide to try any of these tips for creating a bedroom that allows you to be the creative individual you are.

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