5 Things from FullyRaw Kristina You’ve Been Dying to Know

by August 6, 2014
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You might know Kristina Carrillo-Bucara from her YouTube channel, FullyRaw Kristina, where she films her wildly popular tutorials for delicious, low fat, raw vegan dishes. The business-savvy entrepreneur has been living this lifestyle for 9 years to treat her hyperglycemia. She also runs the largest non-profit raw foods co-operative in the United States, which is located in Houston, Texas. We caught up with Kristina to ask her a few questions about her life and business that we’ve been dying to know. If you love her videos as much as we do, we bet you have as well!

1. Flurt: First of all, we love your bracelets! Since everyone on the internet is curious, we just have to clear this up: Do they have a special meaning or do you just love wearing funky bracelets?

Kristina: Yes, they do have a special meaning. These are actually gemstone bracelets that were gifted to me by a personal friend named Teresa. I love the vibrant color of the stones and how they feel cool against my skin. Whenever I have downtimes, I may sit down and design some bracelets for myself.

2. Flurt: You started eating a low fat, raw vegan diet to heal your hyperglycemia. Besides achieving that, you’ve talked about your eyes even changing colour. Is there anything else interesting that’s happened to you as a result of living a FullyRaw lifestyle?

Kristina: I have developed more energy, especially to fuel running and physical activity. The benefits are endless. I eat to feel good, have energy and be healthy.

3. Flurt: We love that you put so much energy into making bright and fun YouTube videos about a lifestyle the general public doesn’t necessarily conceive as exciting. What’s your inspiration for keeping so happy and motivated?

Kristina: I am inspired by life itself and wanting to share the ‘secret’ of eating raw for health. I feel inspired everyday knowing that if one person makes a change toward healthy choices then my life’s purpose is complete.

4. Flurt: If you weren’t making YouTube videos or running Rawfully Organic, what would you see yourself doing as a career?

Kristina: I think I would be making ceramic art, as that is a hobby of mine. I still think I would be doing something along the lines of a career in natural health such as a holistic practitioner or holistic nutritionist.

5. Flurt: What’s a perfect recipe for summer that you’d love to share with our readers?

Kristina: FullyRaw Watermelon Snow Cones! Raw, vegan, chemical-free, dye-free, kid friendly and delicious! These sweet, cool treats are perfect for the summer heat!

6 cups of ice
1 chilled watermelon ( 3-4 cups). You can substitute with blueberries, pineapple, cherries, etc.
Snow-Cone cups
Miniature snow-cone maker (optional)

You will need either a mini snow cone maker or a blender to create your shaved ice. You will also need a snow cone cup or a glass. After you make your shaved ice, scoop it into your snow cone cup. Blend your watermelon and strain it into a pouring glass. Pour your watermelon ‘syrup’ onto your snow cone! Enjoy!

Find out more about Kristina and living a FullyRaw lifestyle here.

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