Body Love: Mary Lambert Empowers Through Spoken Word Song

by August 4, 2014
filed under Entertainment
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“I only know how to exist when I am wanted.” This story is far too common amongst women, and to change the ending, singer/songwriter Mary Lambert speaks beautifully in her music video for Body Love. Powerful images illustrate her spoken-word poetry and the empowering hook sung in the middle: “I know I am because I said I am. My body is home.”

Mary Lambert says it’s time for us to reclaim our bodies, and who can argue with that? From photoshop in magazines to perfect-looking celebrities on television, it’s hard not to want to look like someone else, feeling like if only we did we’d be more loved. Let’s spend some time this week looking in the mirror and telling ourselves we’re beautiful, intelligent and loved. Let’s set this song as our alarm clock, play it in the background of our morning affirmations and blast it after work until we get it: I know I am because I said I am. My body is home.

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