Fashion for Every Woman: Smart Glamour Provides Affordable, Customizable Clothes

by August 1, 2014
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Have you ever wished for body positive clothing that was handmade with love instead of standard sizes shipped from sweat shops? What if these designs were affordable and closer to home? Mallorie Carrington is a New York City based fashion designer, who not only shares your dream but is making it a reality.

The business-savvy entrepreneur who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and Pratt Institute had many corporate design jobs before plunging into the realm of running her own business. Since 2007 she has been creating customizable fashion basics for every size woman, aiming to change the industry standard through an accurate representation of women in her work.

Mallorie is indeed creating a movement of body positivity through Smart Glamour, using the great Gloria Steinem’s words as inspiration for her line: “There is the notion that an attractive woman, whatever that means in society, a pretty girl can’t be smart. We are still identified by our looks instead of our hearts or heads. That’s why it’s much better to break the rules.”

And breaking the rules she is. Rather than sell the idea that her clothes will make you attractive to the opposite sex, Mallorie wants women to have them simply because they want to look good. That’s definitely something we can stand behind here at Flurt.

“When I was in high school, a fellow female student wrote a monthly fashion column in our school newspaper. Every month, I’d read it – hoping to be entertained, educated, and/or excited. Instead, I was usually ashamed, angered or simply disgusted. In each article, she would give mini tutorials on how to dress – however, rather than explaining how to dress for yourself – for your own self expression, self respect, or self confidence. She was teaching the girls in my high school to dress purely for the opposite sex,” says Mallorie.

“After a couple months of frustration, I wrote a letter to the editor and to my surprise, they published it. I explained (with all the eloquence of a 16 year old) that when I woke up each morning, I got dressed for myself. Whether that meant a mini skirt and heels or a t-shirt and jeans – I did it for me. Did I want boys to find me attractive? Of course – I was a heterosexual teenage girl. But even at that age, I knew that fashion meant more than that – it had so much more potential.”

As Mallorie grew into the strong, independent powerhouse that she is today, that potential eventually turned into Smart Glamour. Radiating positivity, respect, expression, whimsy and creativity, it became more than just something to wear – it became an empowering movement for women. A revolution, if you will, to stand up against the fashion industry and scream, “we want more!”

The idea that women deserve more than what’s been provided to them on the runway is why Mallorie ended up striving for and taking over that fashion column, became co-editor of the newspaper, enrolled in fashion classes and started her business.

Mallorie’s classy, timeless designs transcend age and size to simply dress women who want to feel great in their own skin. The website makes it easy to have beautiful, new clothes delivered to your home and ready to wear. We especially love Smart Glamour’s look book on the site, showing diverse models wearing her inclusive designs. An array of ethnicities, shapes and sizes fill the photo galleries, showing that her clothes don’t only say they’re for every woman, but that they truly are.

Mallorie recently did an interview with Fashion One at her collection launch in NYC. In the video below you can see more of her looks and the models she works with. One of them dons her own dramatic eyeliner, saying that Mallorie wanted the models to do their own hair and makeup and be themselves.

“There’s a real feminist vibe going on,” says Fashion One’s interviewer. We couldn’t agree more, and we love it.

In a written interview with The Planner Process, Mallorie says, “I’d like to be remembered as someone who used their confidence to increase others’ self worth. Someone who uses their talents and brain in a creative and positive light – spreading a message of strength and helping women reach their full potential by learning not to compete with other women but to lift them up instead.”

We think the powerful business-woman is well on her way to doing just that!

For more information on Mallorie Carrington and Smart Glamour, and to check out the awesome, customizable designs, click here.

“You can be intelligent, fashionable, smart, sexy, clever, stylish, driven and successful. You can be anything you want to be. And it starts now,” says Mallorie.

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