Kelsey Darragh Shows Us that Life Can be Harder Than It Looks

by August 13, 2014
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Inquiries of impending college graduation often cause stress and sadness amongst the soon-to-be grads. They’re forced to grin and bear the inevitable switch from the -good-life to the not-as-good life; otherwise referred to as adulthood. Growing up comes abruptly and with little warning, and the 2012 web-exclusive series indeed proves the transition is ‘Harder Than It Looks.’

Co-creators Kelsey Darragh (Shit Girlfriends Say) and Ayden Mayeri, who play themselves, display the difficult adjustment of becoming adults, who are struggling to make ends meet in their impossibly cool and well-decorated apartment. Their relationship rivals sisterhood, as they shamelessly rap ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ and throw household items at each other frequently.

Harder Than It Looks takes off as “Kels and Ayds” work to motivate each other and restore a long-lost collegiate atmosphere, by enrolling in online classes and inventing a sorority of their own ­– complete with innocuous hazing and a pledge process. Though slightly exaggerated, Kelsey and Ayden’s series is riddled with snippets of events that might reflect those of women experiencing the same, and very normal, quarter-life crisis. Underpayment and excessive, but warranted alcohol use seems to be a common post-grad theme in the series. Each episode of the show, which received a rating of 7.8 of 10 rating on IMDB, chronicles the gurls striving to meet societal expectations of adult independence, from job searches to man hunts.

A satirical portrayal of the common post-graduate struggle, Harder Than It Looks has helped me to accept my attempt at adulthood as a successful one. Even though sidewalk chalk and bubbles will always have a soft spot in my heart.

Watch Harder Than It Looks here.

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