We LOVE Mary Lambert’s New Video for ‘Secrets’

by August 1, 2014
filed under Entertainment
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Mary Lambert “has bipolar disorder, her shit’s not in order, she’s overweight, is always late and has too many things to say.” Most importantly, she doesn’t give a fuck who knows what her secrets are, and she doesn’t think you should either.

We’re loving this new video for Secrets! It’s bright, colourful, fun and most importantly, real. Mary Lambert’s joyous facial expressions are a breath of fresh air from the serious-faced acting in typical music videos, and the people around her are just as happy and authentic as she comes across.

We may or may not have almost shed a tear while watching this video. It’s super inspiring and makes us want to share all our secrets with Mary right now.

Can we be Mary’s Lambert’s new best friend?

Share your secrets in the comments below!

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