2 Products Your Lips Will Love This Season

by September 4, 2014
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yu-beI don’t think there are many things in this world that can be universally agreed upon. Maybe basic things like food and water, rain being wet…However, I’m fairly sure there’s one opinion we can all agree on: Chapped lips suck. They are the worst. They are dry, scaly, peely, unattractive and uncomfortable and honestly I don’t know anyone who actually makes having chapped lips look cool. I’m going to talk about how to prevent this dryness and achieve the softest lips possible for the colder months.

The lip mask above is one of the 2 products I’ve found work best for me when trying to score super smooth, plump lips. Both are from Asian skin/beauty companies and both are amazing. This first product is The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX BeBe Lip Mask. Not only is the packaging completely adorable but the product itself is wildly effective. Basically, it’s 2 gel sheets in the shape of lips (one for top, one for bottom).

To apply, place a sheet on the top and bottom lips then you let it sit and work its magic. The mask contains hyaluronic acid which is known to smooth and plump skin. After the mask has been on your lips for about 20 minutes, peel the sheets off and are instantly left with soft lips. The mask itself feels sort of cooling and jelly-like. It’s odd, but doesn’t have a bad taste and the effects are well worth it. Also, it’s nice that there are individual sheets for top and bottom lips. You can purchase this mask at The Face Shop or on Amazon.

lip maskI’m also super into this Japanese cult favourite: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream (the brand has a specific lip balm as well, but I’ve never tried it because the general cream works well for lips and any other areas of dryness). While the herbal camphor scent may be a bit strong at first, it fades quickly and the glycerine and Vitamin E in this product work wonders. I typically slather this all over my lips at night; it’s a fairly thick yellow-white cream (not the best for going out in), and I wake up with soft, ultra-hydrated lips.

This is one of those creams where you actually notice results after the first use. It’s really that good. I currently have a sample size and have been living off this for a while, but I eventually purchased the full size product. The second I squeeze the final remnants from my last tube, I will literally sprint to Sephora to get more. Even going a few days without this stuff leaves my lips in a pretty unhappy state. I’m obsessive about moisturizing my lips so I still use my other favourite lip balm (Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm) religiously but I can still feel the difference. Smith’s Minted Rose is great for daytime because it smells divine and leaves lips with a pretty sheen but there’s nothing like Yu-Be for intense, all-night moisturization. Since I buy the cream formula rather than just the lip balm, I can also use this product on my ragged cuticles, my elbows or for any dry skin.

How do you keep your lips soft? Let me know in the comments below!

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