Fall Makeup Trends You Need to Try

by September 10, 2014
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Are you excited for fall right now? Because I’m super excited, even if it’s for the same cliché reasons – cozy sweaters, leggings, Halloween, the chilly weather, festively themed drinks… I adore the autumn season and the frenzy that comes along with it. You know what else I love about fall? New beauty looks! Every time a new season rolls around, magazines start suggesting new ideas and trends for the on-coming season, and every single time I feel my heart flutter in excitement at all the pretty new things to try even if this means my wallet size deflates (I make sort of a mournful moan combined with the ecstatic squeal that new makeup often elicits). Today I’m going to talk about a few looks I’m most excited for this fall.

Bold Lipstick

This season I’ve been seeing so many takes on bold, untraditional yet surprisingly flattering lip colors and it’s filling me with so much glee. With help from some of my very trendy friends, I’ve rounded up an array of super cool, bold lipstick trends that I highly suggest everyone try at least once this fall. Don’t be afraid; I used to be a diehard dramatic eyes and pink nude lips girl myself, but I’m so glad I’ve learned to embrace more colourful lipstick looks. Personally I prefer a matte finish because it tends to last longer and packs a huge punch of color. For a more subtle and glossy look, I suggest Revlon lip gloss in Fuchsia Finery.

Glitter Liner

I’m such a huge fan of glitter that I’ll probably never be able to understand why a lot of people aren’t (don’t you want to shine?). I think even those who are anti-glitter should consider trying just a touch of glitter liner (I use one from NYX in silver) on the inner corners of my lower lash lines. It’s not particularly natural-looking but it will light up your eyes and it always makes me feel extra special as silly as that sounds. Paired with a simple look on the top lid, I think it’s still fairly subtle and not too in-your-face although you can certainly take it in that direction if you’d like. I like to pair my glitter liner with a light neutral or shimmery pale pink shadow on the top lid, along with a cat eye and big, fluttery lashes. I also like it with very minimal smudgy eyeliner. A sheer wash of glitter on the upper lid is also pretty and might appeal more to those who are still feeling a bit glitter shy.

Metallic Eyeshadow

If you absolutely refuse to try out products containing glitter or just feel strongly that it isn’t appropriate, perhaps metallics will be more up your alley. Metallic cream shadows have been my jam lately because it stays put all day long and it`s packed with pigment. They can also be used as a base underneath a metallic powder. When it comes to creams, I love metallic crayons from NYX in Yogurt and Iced Mocha as well as the shadow from Maybelline in Barely Branded. For powders, I adore White Pearl and I`m lusting after Kitschmas by MAC. The shimmer in all of these makes your eyes look wide awake whether swept across the lid or dabbed sparingly in inner corners for a glowy highlight.

Do you plan on trying any of these looks for fall? Have you done so already because you’re a total trendsetter? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know what products you used/why you love fall!

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