Strengthen Your Vagina With The Fun Factory Smartballs Uno

by October 18, 2014
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611WlOmbwSL._SL1500_I always thought that pelvic exercises were for women having some sort of bladder problems. After all, Kegels are supposed to strengthen everything down there.

However, as I’m getting older, I’m learning that if we make exercising our pelvic muscles a regular habit, we may not have to suffer as many problems with incontinence when we age. Especially stress incontinence – losing urine when we cough or sneeze. It doesn’t just happen to women who have had children or have some sort of medical condition giving them a predisposition to that. For many women, it’s just part of the aging process.

Using a pelvic exerciser can also be beneficial. The Smartballs Uno is an excellent choice for women who have never tried this before. The ball is 3.6 cm in diameter and coated in 100 per cent silicone. The removal cord is also silicone.

A device like this which is just one ball (as opposed to a chain of balls together) makes for a more comfortable experience. It also feels great because it provides continual internal stimulation while at the same time helps strengthen the pelvic floor. Naturally, it makes doing the exercises a lot more fun, if you catch my drift.

However, like any form of exercise, making the use of the ball a habit is probably the most challenging aspect of its use. I find putting it in while laying down or standing with one leg raised and resting on something works best. Cleaning is easy with plain soap and water. The main thing to remember is to relax. Once it’s in, your muscles will work around it naturally, and you’ll feel it when you walk, get up, or pretty much move in any way. You can even go to the bathroom with it still in there (although I’m not sure why you’d would want to).

You can use the Smartballs while alone or go for a walk with it in there – and no one will ever know. That in itself is a rather titillating thought. It feels good and does something beneficial for your body at the same time. The price is right, and this is a great starter device or ideal for someone who is not comfortable with something bigger or longer.

The Fun Factory Smartballs Uno is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk for $36.

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