Why Matchmaking is Becoming Preferred Over Online Dating

by October 28, 2014
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While Internet dating has become more popular and more accepted in mainstream culture, one of the oldest methods of dating is still going strong: Matchmaking. Though quiet, this lack of noise is not to be taken for a lack of success. And as kings often enjoyed it more than commoners long ago, it’s now a viable way for women to date these days.

“We do date coaching, and combined with matchmaking, this is a very different experience than online dating,” Shawna, co-owner of Wundermeet in Edmonton, Canada, says. Both her and business partner Levi started the company because of their background in recruitment and staffing. “Instead of matching employers and employees, we match people. It’s a much more satisfying job experience.”

This is especially useful for busy people who aren’t often around the type of men or women they want to date. Shawna explains that the process is relatively easy for clients, saving them valuable time they might have otherwise wasted while searching through online dating profiles.

Shawna first consults with clients to find out what they want out of the experience. “They may just want dating practice, or they might want to find someone to marry,” she says. “We then go through the confidential database of clients and match them up.”

Shawna continues: “A questionnaire on the website and attached photo is all that’s required of women at that stage. When we find a match, we call and consult with her. If she’s interested, we set up a blind date.”

Clients don’t get to see a photo of their date beforehand, and are only given first names.

“After the date, we ask for feedback from the client. If there’s any constructive criticism, we let the other person know. It helps them grow and know what they may have said or done that made the other person decide on not pursuing them,” says Shawna. “Of course, sometimes there just isn’t any chemistry.”

Date coaching sessions and workshops are offered by Wundermeet as well. These workshops are available for sign-up on the Wundermeet website. On the online side, dating profile overhauls and a video series is available.

“The measure of success depends on the client. Consultation finds what the client hopes to gain,” says Shawna. “Some just want to go on a whole bunch of dates and get the feedback on how to improve. Somebody who could get a first date could not get a second or third, but after the service, they would get second and third dates. If we match someone that goes on to have a successful date, that’s a success, too.”

Shawna’s job is finished when her clients have met somebody and there’s a match. The client is then put on hold if they decide to contact Wundermeet again. However, packages have expiry dates varying from 4 and 8 months, unless the client wants to renew.

“We have a back to basics approach and philosophy,” Shawna finishes. “It helps the client become better at dating so they have more confidence – it helps people become comfortable in the dating world.”

To learn more about Wundermeet’s matchmaking services, click here.

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