How Taylor Swift is Creating a Feminist Awakening

by November 9, 2014
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Laci Green has a new show on MTV called Braless, and as you can imagine from its title, seemingly derived from 1st wave feminism, the Sex+ vlogger talks about equality issues. Laci’s first order of business: How Taylor Swift is creating a feminist awakening! The artist, who has previously denied she was a feminist, recently stated that she wished icons would have explained what the word meant when she was younger so that she could have joined the club sooner. Taylor’s new enlightenment is helping other young women learn about equality issues and realize that they have more power than they thought they did. For one, Taylor teaches women that instead of feeling like they need to be quiet about their dating issues, they should speak up because these things are important to us and should be talked about.

Watch Laci Green’s video above to learn more reasons why Taylor Swift is changing the feminist movement for the better. And leave your comments below saying what you think about MTV’s new show, Braless!

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