Mary Lambert’s Brave Heart Bleeds Through New Album

by November 19, 2014
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Mary Lambert, who first came into the public eye with her part in Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, released her second album, Heart on My Sleeve, on October 14. Her music is realistic, relatable and openly discusses the vulnerability found in every person. She incorporates spoken word poetry in some of her songs, which brings a really down-to-earth feel beside hard-hitting lyrics. Heart on My Sleeve shows off Mary’s true vocal talent, as she hits much higher notes than her last album, Welcome to the Age of My Body, and even uses piano accompaniment.

Mary’s hit single, Secrets, is truly inspiring. After the first line of the song, “I’ve got bipolar disorder,” she continues to discuss what some people might consider her flaws and how she doesn’t feel they should be a problem. She says she doesn’t need to hide her secrets, and neither do we. Mary’s music encourages people to have self-confidence. Not only is Secrets catchy and upbeat, but Its honesty sets it apart from songs on the radio.

Ribcage, which features Angel Haze and K.Flay, is delicate and introspective and even adds in a fitting rap verse. The song incorporates both an R&B vibe and the keys of a piano. Ribcage is very emotional, creating a sense of longing with the slow medley and lyrics. One of the best parts of the song echoes: “Knocking down my sternum/Began at a young age /Too much space between /Open up my ribcage.”

The most surprising song on Heart on My Sleeve was Mary’s cover of Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield. It’s comes across much more meaningful than the 80s song that everyone knows, with her version giving off the sense of heartache and unrequited love. The song feels entirely original and not like a cover at all. It’s truly beautiful and well-done.

Heart on My Sleeve is an album of both catchy songs and more thoughtful ones. It’s a perfect mix for all different moods. While Mary allows us to feel heart-wrenching pain through one song, we’re also able to become courageous in knowing we can tackling our hardships in another. Mary’s brave heart bleeds throughout this album, teaching us that we can both be emotional and strong at the same time.

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