3 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer With Us in 2015

by December 4, 2014
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Jeremy Givens

2015 is a time for creating change, and I know many of you are passionate about various social issues. Whether you care most deeply about the environment, feminism, human rights – you understand that women out there are doing great things to help society progress and that we need to see more of these women in the media.

It can be overwhelming not knowing where to start when you want to help move our future forward, but a good place to start is by realizing what you can do through your own talents.

FLURT is looking for volunteers to help us work towards our goal of being the first socially conscious women’s magazine on stands, and we need you to help us achieve that. We offer many volunteer openings for 2015, such as:

We’re also looking for organizers, filmmakers, artists and speakers. Regardless of your talents, if you’re passionate about our goal, we want to make time to include you!

If giving your time towards a good cause doesn’t seem like priority right now, we get it. But just so you know, here are a few reasons why you should think about volunteering with us:

  1. Volunteering looks great on a resume, and we’d love to help you polish it up to score that dream job!
  2. Work experience is arguably the best way of learning about your desired profession before you dive head first into the professional world.
  3. Positions are part time, flexible and remote, so you can work around your schedule, at home in your pajamas while empowering women at the same time!

To volunteer with FLURT, email amanda@flurtmag.com to have a chat with Founder Amanda about where your talents fit into helping us rewrite media for young women and give them a healthy publication to look up to.

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