How This Woman Found Her Passion Through Gemstones

by December 29, 2014
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“They say that crystals are living, perfect beings. Nearly all aboriginal tribes not only believe that crystals are living, but that we can gain energy from them,” says Sanja Lukic, a jewelry designer from Croatia.

Drawn to treasures that the Earth produces, Sanja’s jewelry is made naturally from raw crystals. Before the entrepreneur started to make jewelry, she collected crystals from all over the world. She was fascinated with the gemstones and the stories they held. Working in IT, Sanja was striving for something more in her life and found art and beauty through shaping stones.

“I think that if you’re able to see beauty in everything around you, you’re expanding your awareness to unlimited creation,” says Sanja. “Inspiration is just everywhere.”

Opening up a shop was pure accident for the Croatian. On maternity leave, she discovered Etsy and fell in love with the closeness of the artistic community. The first shop she opened was CraftUnikat, where she sells painted ceramics. Then, after 2 years on Etsy, she opened her raw crystal jewelry shop, CraftsGardenOfZen.

“Before jewelry making, I used to carry my crystals in pockets,” says Sanja. “I was thinking of how I could wear them in a way that they deserve. Isn’t it incredible to wear a piece of jewelry with a gemstone that grew from Mother Earth? That’s why I treat every piece I make with respect and admiration.”

Sonja creates jewelry that’s small, colorful and easy to combine with everything. She sells an assortment of one-of-a-kind products such as beautiful necklaces, stunning earrings and even gorgeous gemstone hairpins.

The artist has some advice for other women who are looking to go into a similar field: “Just go for it! We are creative beings and Etsy is the perfect platform to show your work and also to develop your craft,” she says. “The only thing that is important is that you have passion for what you do. Really, just be so very passionate – everything else will come.”

Sanja is giving away a pair of her Raw Amber Honey Earrings to one lucky reader! The pair values at $41.70 CAD. To enter, make sure to follow us on Instagram @flurtmagazine and Sonja @craftsgardenofzen. Contest closes Jan 5, 2015.

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