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by December 8, 2014
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ELuxe is Canada’s leading online retailer of original designer collections. Erin Lubelsky, the Talent Acquisition and Development Manager at eLuxe, fashioned a career in marketing and technology and moved into eLuxe after beginning her own SEO/Marketing Agency. “It was kind of serendipitous,” she said. We asked Erin about her inspirations and her journey to eLuxe success.

Flurt: What inspired your career in fashion and technology?
Erin: My younger brother called me saying, “if you like shopping online, I know of a cool new site launching – I can get you a percentage off!” I said, “Never shopped online, but can you get me the CEO’s email? I want to send them a proposal!” Next thing I knew, eLUXE was my first client and within six months, I was a full time employee.

F: What has your journey at eLuxe looked like?
EL: At first eLUXE was a client of mine and when they saw all the work I was doing for them they offered me a full time role as SEO & Marketing Coordinator. I had a handful of clients already, so they were great about allowing me to keep my business going on the side, so long as it was not competitive! Within a year my role grew into Marketing Manager and I was heavily involved in the day-to-day email marketing and social media activities. That eventually grew into Marketing Director where I worked on partnerships and digital advertising. Most recently, I have moved into the role of Talent Acquisition and Development. Although it sounds like I am in HR, I am definitely not. This role has been a lot of fun, I get to work with some incredible talent and sign them to our Connected Collections program, which enables digital celebrities to become designers.

F: What role do you have in the acquisition of design talent, such as eLuxe’s collaborations with Nicky Hilton and Olivia Lopez?
EL: On a day-to-day basis I keep up to date with the digital celebrity landscape. I work with talent agents, multi-channel networks and directly with talent to discuss the opportunity of having these digital celebrities (anyone with a strong social media presence with an engaged audience), design their own fashion collection.

F: What do you find empowering about your work with eLuxe?
EL: I find it really empowering to help talented women become designers in their own right. We are in unchartered territories here and, as we learn more and more about the digital celebrity ecosystem, we see so much more potential in it. The talent that has emerged from blogs, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and soon to be SnapChat is truly unique and very talented – it is amazing to be at the front line of that.

F: What advice would you give to women looking for careers in either tech or fashion or both?
EL: Think outside the box and write your own rules. In today’s world everything is so much more accessible than it used to be and barrier to enter are much lower. If you believe in something – just go for it because you’ll only get out of it what you put into it.

For more information on Erin and eLuxe, click here.

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