My High Kitchen: Hannah Hart & Sarah Silverman Smoke Up

by December 17, 2014
filed under Activism
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In a recent My Drunk Kitchen, hilarious ladies, Hannah Hart and Sarah Silverman smoke up while making pot pie. While I don’t personally partake in toking anymore (it gives me anxiety) and I’m reluctant to say anything that encourages illegal drug use, Hannah’s video does stir up a few thoughts: Why is weed typically shamed and alcohol celebrated when studies show that it’s more beneficial than alcohol? You’re not going to overdose on weed if you smoke too much…you’re just going to get hungry and eat more vegetables, as seen in the video.

Other thoughts that come to mind: How good are those teeny pot pies taste according to Hannah and Sarah? And how entertaining were their conversations between filming?

What are your thoughts on blazing? Let me know in the comments below.

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