Style Trends To Skip, Splurge or Save On This Year

by January 12, 2015
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Stay goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015! The new year is in full effect and style trends are making their mark. Find everything you need to bring your wardrobe into the new year all without breaking the bank. I’ve done the research and have the 411 on what styles you want to skip, which to splurge on and how you can save some serious cash while looking like a million bucks.

Skip on the side shave. Everyone and their dog was rocking the sleek one-sided shave last year, and it looked great – but like all good things they must come to an end. For 2015, the evolution of style is taking a detour to more natural hair styles. Say goodbye to tight curls and forced styles and say hello to a soft and natural look. Allow your hair to express its natural flow. Curly hair? Let those curls flow. Straight hair? Keep it sleek. Wild, untamed hair? Release the madness. A simple, natural way to keep the frizz down: Apply coconut oil to damp hair. You can find this in any supermarket.

Splurge on the perfect dark lipstick. Dark, bold, and matte shades are exactly what your lips need for 2015. Keep the lipstick colour in the red family. It’s easier to match with outfits and can be suitable for both work and play. You can find your perfect shade here. It’s important to wear your lipstick so it won’t smudge – the last thing you need is for your lipstick to run outside your lip line and leave you looking like your weird aunt at Christmas. You can avoid the comparison by following these easy steps:

1. Line your lips with a matching lip liner. This will help you make clean lines to fill in with lipstick.
2. Fill the lips in with lipstick.
3. Clean up the look by applying concealer with a concealer brush around the outer edges of the lips.
4. Lock the look in place by applying a mattifying powder around the lips (not on the lips). This will keep the area dry and block the lipstick from running off your lips.

Save on mismatched earrings. This trend is on the rise and the best part is you already have the accessories. Ever lost a pair of your favourite earrings only to never be able to wear them again? Not to worry. You can pair those babies with a sparkly or matte stud. No need to buy a set of mismatched earrings when you can use ones you already have. The key is to pair a larger earring with a small stud. It’s time to get creative.

Skip on overfilling your brows. 2014 was the year of eyebrow experiments, but some brows were a little too wild. However, a little colour on the brow does wonders. If you’re filling in your brows, make sure to use soft colours in the brown family and avoid using harsh blacks. If you have black hair, use a dark brown mixed in with black to soften the look. Blend the colours in your brows to avoid sharp, rigid lines.

Save on the bag of the year. The Chole Drew bag was voted by Harper’s Bazaar to be the bag most likely to succeed in 2015. It’s edgy and delicate with gold accents – an instant classic! You can rock this bag during the day or night. The Chole Drew bag is beautiful but also comes with a hefty price tag: A bank-breaking $1920. Don’t be discouraged though – you can find a similar style at Aldo for a fraction of the cost. Look for the Osley and Carenno purses at an affordable $64.00.

What trends will you be skipping, splurging or saving on this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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