Are We the Last Generation Scammed into a University Education?

by February 27, 2015
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If you’re anything like me, your entire life thus far has been set up for you. You graduated high school, choose an offensively vague discipline at a respectable University, hustled (sort of) till you graduated with a wonderfully expensive piece of paper and it left you feeling proud but like you accomplished nothing.

Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a choice. This is what you do after high-school – that’s what they told me anyway, so I marched on like a toy soldier, ready to conquer the battlefields of knowledge but left alone and lost in the trenches of higher education.

Someone please tell me what to do now. I am basically unemployable. I’m overqualified to work at Starbucks or McDonald’s but I don’t have a specified skill set for a career pathway. I have a false sense of entitlement because I was raised in a society of entitlements. I am just now throwing myself off this pedestal one limb at a time with the hope that when I fall on the ground I will magically turn into an employable human being.

Was it always like this? Or were we the last generation scammed into the prospective of a university education as a means to a career? Don’t get me wrong, education is great, but does it have to come from a formal university at the cost of my first born?

I’m constantly searching for meaning and purpose and coming short next to a bottle of wine and Netflix series. I’ve re-done my resume 50 times. And if I have to answer another to another authority what I’ll be doing in the next 5 years I might just run into traffic. I’m being interviewed by dinosaurs who don’t understand the paradigm shift or highly specialized nerds that have been crafting their skills since they were sucking pacifiers. And then there’s me. I can write APA. I can collect data. I can tell you about academi, but I can’t do anything well. I am the Jack of all trades and I paid good money to be barely good at everything.

I got so desperate that 4 months after graduating I considered going back to grad school. Not because it’s my passion in life but because it’s comfortable. I am so goddamn used to being comfortable that I almost threw myself back into the abyss.

The solution? Be uncomfortable. If you allow yourself to regress back to the comfort of university then you’ll never break out of this vicious cycle. I’m not saying university is the enemy but if you’re doing it because you think it’s what you should do then you will be back at square one.Get out of the habit of just listening and learning and start engaging.

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