#AskHerMore: Getting the Media to Ask Questions That Matter

by February 10, 2015
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Every year, female celebrities walk the red carpet and their talent is undermined completely. The media likes to focus on what these women wear and who their dresses are designed by instead of asking more meaningful questions about their careers. Male celebrities, on the other hand, are constantly asked questions of substance: About their careers, their goals and more. The Representation Project decided that it’s time for women to be asked better questions, creating the Ask Her More Campaign.

The Ask Her More Campaign demands that reporters ask women meaningful questions, instead of focusing on their appearances. Twitter users are joining the campaign by using the hashtag #AskHerMore and tweeting questions they would rather hear on the red carpet. Awards season is well underway, and The Ask Her More Campaign is prepared.

But, what’s the big deal about these fashion questions, anyway? The idea is that these talented women work their entire lives to become successful, and during their shining moment at an awards ceremony they’re asked who made their dress. These women are intelligent and inspirational, and it would be more interesting to hear about their hopes, future or opinions. Anyone can wear a dress, but not anyone can be an actress, filmmaker or singer.



The Ask Her More Campaign is another necessary push towards equality for women, but it focuses specifically on celebrities, which is different than most feminist campaigns. There has been a lot of talk about women’s equality in work settings, and the Ask Her More Campaign is continuing this discussion. These female celebrities are in their work environment and are constantly being undermined by those around them. It’s difficult enough that most movies focus on a male-led cast and these women work even harder to get their fame. Now that these women have become famous, they’re being reduced to the color of the dress they’re wearing. Women are more complex than their sense of style and this should be talked about more.

Getting involved with The Ask Her More Campaign is as easy as using social media. There’s a pledge on the Representation Project’s website that allows anyone to officially join the campaign once they’ve signed. Also, using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to talk about the campaign is huge. It’s as simple as saying #AskHerMore on Twitter and sharing your opinion with your followers. Reach out to journalists, interviewers or even celebrities on social media. The more that people see this campaign the more effective it becomes.

Another simple way to get involved is to become more educated about women’s representation in the media. The Representation Project’s movie Miss Representation discusses the negative and unrealistic portray of women in the media, and how it has harmed women around the world. After watching a few minutes of the movie, you’ll be angry and ready to make a change. The Representation Project also has statistics and other information on their websites that could be useful for conversations or just for your own knowledge.

While you’re kicking back and watching an awards show this season, pull out your phone or laptop and post on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr about how you think women could be better represented. One post can make a huge difference. It’s time to ask female celebrities much better questions, and it starts with you.

For more information on The Representation Project’s Ask Her More Campaign, click here.

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