I Got Laser Hair Removal and Love It

by April 6, 2015
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The first time I shaved my vagina I was in 5th grade. With no method to my madness, I took a razor to my nether regions, curious as to the status of my body following phase one of puberty. I called my mom into the bathroom and proudly opened my towel to reveal the product of my labor.

“Why would you do that?” she asked.

My mom lived through the 1970’s – I should’ve foreseen her disapproving answer. But moms know best, and that fateful day forever changed my life as I was stuck maintaining an itchy patch of hair, which grew thicker and claimed more of my thighs with every passing year.

For more than a decade I was under the notion that I was the only wildebeest on the planet cursed with an excess amount of hair in places that I didn’t want it. As I cracked open more women’s magazines and began speaking more openly with my female friends, I learned that almost every woman is embarrassed by some aspect of their body hair. Some girls get 5 o’clock shadows in their armpits, others grow random long hairs out of their butt cheeks and because of this razor companies are thriving!

After more than a decade of trial and error, I found the best method of hair removal: Laser hair removal.

Laser works by burning the root of the hair like an ant under a magnifying glass. It becomes smaller and smaller each time until it shrivels up and disappears. The results last up to a year, but require annual touch ups. Even if you don’t want your crotch to be smooth as a baby’s bum, laser treatment helps to thin out the hair, making routine maintenance more manageable.

I did my research and found that most places charge about $200 per session. That seemed absurd compared to a $30 wax, but with websites like Groupon and other deal-finders, I was able to get plenty of deals that came to less than $300 for six sessions. And even though this depends on the size of the region of the skin, they’re all very reasonable in comparison.

Anyone who conducts laser hair removal has to be certified, just like any beautician. You can get the procedure done in a medical practice or in someone’s house. I’ve found both to be equally as effective – the only difference being that smaller businesses are more negotiable towards pricing.

The downside to laser hair removal is that it fucking hurts. However, most places offer a numbing cream and will ice you down beforehand. I have to say that the pain of laser hair removal is absolutely worth it, as it’s increased my overall threshold for pain and most importantly has left me feeling way more confident in my underwear.

Would you ever get laser hair removal? Let me know in the comments below!

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