Looking for Organic Lube? Aloe Cadabra is as Natural as Nature

by April 18, 2015
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After the birth of Sarah’s child, time was short, stress was high and the thought of physical intimacy became unbearable. As she felt less physically connected to herself and her partner, her self esteem and relationship suffered. She was confused, frustrated and didn’t know that dryness was normal.

This is one of the stories in the booklet I received with my Aloe Cadabra products, and while it may or may not be from a real person, the issue of dryness is real. Years ago as a twenty-something in university I was on a trial-and-error basis for anti-depressants, and due to the side effects I experienced dryness myself. This caused embarrassment in the bedroom, a decrease in libido and difficulties having an orgasm. During this time, I tried the warming lube that my partner had in their bedstand, but it burned, felt sticky and was anything but erotic.

I wish that I would have known about Aloe Cadabra during this trying time. The lube is made of 95% certified organic aloe, with no harmful chemicals such as petroleum, glycerin, parabens, propylene gylcol, phenoxyethanol and chlorhexidine. It comes in a few fun flavours – Tahitian Vanilla Flavour, Peppermint Tingle Flavour Mild Sensation, and my personal favourite, Pina Colada Flavour. For those looking for a non-flavoured lube but just as exotic, Aloe Cadabra also comes in French Lavender Scent and Natural Aloe Unscented.

Unlike the array of drugstore products I’ve tried over the years that left me swearing off lube completely, I found that Aloe Cadabra felt smooth and natural between my fingers, dissolving into my skin like it was adding nourishment instead of toxins. I soon realized this was because it’s balanced to your body’s natural pH, therefore absorbing into your skin with no mess.The Pina Colada Flavour lube brought me to a stress-free mindset as my senses picked up on the taste and smell of a tropical paradise, redeeming the use of lube for me altogether.

Whether you use lube to deal with dryness or just want a product that’s chemical free, Aloe Cadabra is the perfect companion to your bedstand. At $10.95 for a crisp, hand-held bottle that’s good for your body, it’s an inexpensive and luxurious treat for any woman.

For more info on Aloe Cadabra click here.

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