3 Ways to Dress for Spring When it Refuses to Be Spring

by May 13, 2015
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It’s been spring for the last little while now, however spring on the east coast differs greatly from the images splashed all over Pinterest. Unfortunately I’ve only been able to go out with bare legs once so far. When the weather people declared it spring I probably got a tad over enthusiastic and from that moment on vowed to put away the flannel I lived in all winter. However, I’ve had to improvise my wardrobe to suit the unpredictable weather, and that has meant wearing all the scarves and all the leggings.

1. Make Your Outfit Transitional With Scarves
My first challenge was navigating the very random temperatures of my office. It varies between Antarctica and boiling lava. This is where a scarf comes in handy – not only does it add something to my outfit but when there are drops in temperature I can wrap up and keep cozy. On the opposite end, wearing a scarf can come in handy when it’s too cold to have your arms exposed and too hot for a jacket (oh, the struggle. If I didn’t work with other humans I’d have an office Snuggie). I also use scarves to take outfits from formal to more casual, which is great for those on the go. If you’re heading out for appies after work simply remove the blazer, add a scarf and you’re set.

2. Stay Warm With Stylish Leggings
My lifesaver this spring has been classic leggings and bold tights. I’m a big fan of skirts and dresses but since it’s been cold, wearing them with bare legs means freezing legs. So I’ve been rotating through my legging collection so I can wear my spring clothes without getting frostbite. One of my favorite things is colour, and because a lot of the skirts I wear are black I normally pair them with funky coloured tights – hot pink and purple being my favorites. Another style I’m fond of this spring is tunics and black leggings with ankle boots or tall boots. This is super comfortable, stylish and spring friendly no matter the weather.

3. Save Money by Buying Used or Local
So far I’ve been hella lucky this season and found about 90% of my wardrobe either used or locally. This is convenient when you’re not sure what the weather will bring and don’t want to splurge on something that’s going out of season soon. My city has a super vintage clothing store, which carries pieces of all styles and eras. Vintage shopping is so great because not only are you reusing clothes but you’re getting pieces that would otherwise have left the fashion landscape or come back as a mediocre version. One piece I’ve had my eye on is a classic trench. Trenches scream spring to me and they look amazing with scarves and leggings.

It’s so important to dress in a way that makes you feel like you, so don’t let moody weather affect you showing off your style. Feeling a breeze on your legs or the sun on your shoulders are moments to relish, so leggings, scarves and buying used and local lets you find a middle ground between looking good and staying comfortable. Even though it may still be cold and the trees might not have leaves yet, we can still bust out the spring clothes and put them to good use.

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