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by May 31, 2015
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I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced it: That moment when you’re watching a a concert, and the whole word falls away because you’re focused on that attractive singer. I’ve been there a lot. It happens. I’ll be all caught up in my thoughts like, ‘wow, this person is so hot.’ But ultimately, I’m not there to stare at that person purely because of their looks – I’m there because of their craft.

Singer/songwriter and YouTube sensation Andie Case has been dominating the iTunes Top Charts with her cover/mashup of Jason Derulo’s Want To Want Me and Cheap Trick’s I Want You To Want Me. Andie’s voice is smooth with a raspy edge that leaves her listeners wanting more (did I mention she hits high notes with ease and that she has amazing control over her voice?). The Seattle-native is currently recording some original songs that are sure to make the iTunes Top 100 as well.

The second you watch one of Andie’s videos, you’re blown away by her voice. But some people might say they’re blown away by her…assets, and not in an entirely positive way. This has caused a stir in the comments section under her videos. Some viewers claim that Andie’s large breasts are distracting, that she must have gotten work done and that by exposing her cleavage in V-neck tees she’s trying to garner more attention.

Newsflash: Andie’s music videos aren’t invitations to sexualize her body just because she’s wearing a V-neck tee. The last time I checked, her videos were just that – music videos, the usage of a media platform to get her love of music out there and to share her passion with the world. We see the sexualization of women’s bodies on a daily basis: Women getting cat-called as they’re walking their dogs, going to the grocery store, waiting for the train, etc. This sexualization creates the dichotomy that a woman cannot be sexy, enjoy her body and want to dress how she pleases, and at the same time, be enormously talented and successful. Why is seeing a woman’s cleavage in a music video so distracting? Why is seeing a woman’s cleavage distracting, period?

Women in the music industry face sexualization and image scrutiny on a continuous basis. They’re under pressure to be visually appealing and to have a certain image that they must maintain in order to keep their fan base and to keep revenue up. Any deviance from this set image, more often than not, leads to much speculation and contradictory backlash over said image. This echoes society’s contradiction that women need to flaunt what they have in order to keep men interested, regardless of what else they have to offer in terms of intelligence and personality. But at the same time, women are told not to flaunt it too much in the fear of being seen as ‘whores.’ In the case of the music industry, this translates to ‘sex sells’ and that a pretty face is worth more than good music and pure talent.

It should go without saying that musical artists create content for music’s sake. Adele, who has faced a lot of scrutiny from the public and press over the years about her weight said in an interview, “I don’t make music for eyes. I make music for ears.”

Andie Case creates original music and cover songs simply because she enjoys what she does and wants to share her passion with those around her. At the end of the day, does it really matter if her breasts are real, fake or if she wears shirts that show off her cleavage? Does any of that affect her character or her music? The answer, for me at least, is no – none of those things affect who she is as a person or as a musician. In the case of Andie or any artist, let’s measure the musician by their craft.

Are you a fan of Andie Case? Have you been jamming out to her cover of Want To Want Me as much as I have? Let me know your thoughts on how women are marketed in the music industry in the comments below!

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