Dear Kate Performance Wear Promotes Positive Body Image

by May 21, 2015
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When Dear Kate sent over a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra, it was the first time I’d wore either of those things. Usually running outside in my every-day attire, a padded bra, fitted leggings and a baggy t-shirt, I’ve never emptied my wallet much for workout wear except for a cheap pair of Pumas. I’m just not one of those people who have been able to get on the bandwagon of dishing out hard-earned cash towards expensive yoga gear that isn’t going to fit my physique anyway. With the pants often too long and the sports bras sized more for someone with a larger rack, I saw it as unnecessary. However, I envied the nice-looking clothes whenever I would show up to yoga class or go running.

When I unwrapped the clothes from their light packaging, the yoga pants and sports bra fit like a glove. The full length black pants weren’t too long or baggy but actually so snug I could barely fit them over my underwear. In fact, that’s the point. Their high performance wear is built to wear nothing under, #nothingunder being a hashtag they often use to describe their products. The fabric was sturdy but breathable and I couldn’t wait to take them out for a run around the block. I actually ended up wearing them around the house the rest of the week because they were so comfortable.

Dear Kate says about their clothes:
We’ve engineered a new type of yoga pant that means you’ll never again find your undies in a bunch at the end of a workout. Incorporating a small inset of our patent-pending Underlux fabric, these pants have your back if you decide to wear nothing under. Imagine the freedom of no more VPL (visible panty lines), no bunching or riding up, and no stress over winging it without underwear.

The black sporty bralet was tight but left my breasts feeling quite free compared to all the padding I’m used to. I almost felt a little naked and wondered if I should leave the house with no underwear and barely a bra. But with the summer heat approaching I don’t think I’ll mind as I go for a run in my fitted, airy performance gear. Also, as the bra matches the yoga pants perfectly, they worked wonderfully together as an ensemble but could also be worn separately under a crop top or with a pair of shorts.

Aside from workout wear, Dear Kate carries an array of high performance underwear and bras. From sporty to casual to fancy, they have something for everyone and every body type. I love that no matter what kind of products they sell you can trust that they’re all built with the same durable material for the ever- day woman who works out hard and plays harder. In fact, the thing I love most about the company is that the models on their website are every-day women. From sizes XS to 3X there’s something for every size.

While my Dear Kates are well worn while working out at home, going for a run or in a yoga class, I loved my yoga pants and sports bra so much that I plan on wearing them as often as I can for every-day activities – working around the house, running errands or going to the park with friends. With the pants at $128 and the bra at $64 I feel I’ll be wearing their worth this summer and even after the weather turns cold. If you’re looking for high performance clothing, whether it’s workout clothes or just underwear, I definitely recommend checking out Dear Kate.

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